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tan kim geok
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
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Solving shortest path problem using particle swarm optimization
AW Mohemmed, NC Sahoo, TK Geok
Applied Soft Computing 8 (4), 1643-1653, 2008
Investigation of indoor location sensing via RFID reader network utilizing grid covering algorithm
AW Reza, TK Geok
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A dual-band omni-directional microstrip antenna
O Tze-Meng, KG Tan, AW Reza
Progress In Electromagnetics Research 106, 363-376, 2010
A low profile, dual-band, dual polarized antenna for indoor/outdoor wearable application
KN Paracha, SKA Rahim, PJ Soh, MR Kamarudin, KG Tan, YC Lo, ...
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A new blood vessel extraction technique using edge enhancement and object classification
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Journal of digital imaging 26 (6), 1107-1115, 2013
Extraction of the contours of optic disc and exudates based on marker-controlled watershed segmentation
C Eswaran, AW Reza, S Hati
2008 International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology …, 2008
A method for temporal fault tree analysis using intuitionistic fuzzy set and expert elicitation
S Kabir, TK Geok, M Kumar, M Yazdi, F Hossain
Ieee Access 8, 980-996, 2019
Design of 3.1–12 GHz printed elliptical disc monopole antenna with half circular modified ground plane for UWB application
AA Adam, SKA Rahim, KG Tan, AW Reza
Wireless Personal Communications 69 (2), 535-549, 2013
Tracking via square grid of RFID reader positioning and diffusion algorithm
AW Reza, TK Geok, K Dimyati
Wireless Personal Communications 61 (1), 227-250, 2011
Objects tracking utilizing square grid RFID reader antenna network
KG Tan, AR Wasif, CP Tan
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 22 (1), 27-38, 2008
An efficient 3-D ray tracing method: prediction of indoor radio propagation at 28 GHz in 5G network
F Hossain, TK Geok, TA Rahman, MN Hindia, K Dimyati, S Ahmed, ...
Electronics 8 (3), 286, 2019
Design of Stacked Microstrip Dual-band Circular Polarized Antenna.
N Zakaria, SKA Rahim, TS Ooi, KG Tan, AW Reza, MSA Rani
Radioengineering 21 (3), 2012
A novel 3D ray launching technique for radio propagation prediction in indoor environments
TK Geok, F Hossain, ATW Chiat
PloS one 13 (8), e0201905, 2018
A comprehensive review of efficient ray-tracing techniques for wireless communication
TK Geok, F Hossain, MN Kamaruddin, NZA Rahman, S Thiagarajah, ...
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Beam forming networks using reduced size butler matrix
NA Muhammad, SKA Rahim, NM Jizat, TA Rahman, KG Tan, AW Reza
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A fuzzy logic based current modulator for torque ripple minimization in switched reluctance motors
N C. Sahoo, SK Panda, PK Dash
Electric Machines &Power Systems 27 (2), 181-194, 1999
Indoor millimeter-wave propagation prediction by measurement and ray tracing simulation at 38 GHz
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Symmetry 10 (10), 464, 2018
Evaluating SPAN incremental learning for handwritten digit recognition
A Mohemmed, G Lu, N Kasabov
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Investigation of direct A-GPS positioning for hybrid E-OTD/GNSS
SC Liew, KG Tan, TS Lim
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 20 (1), 79-87, 2006
Objects tracking in a dense reader environment utilising grids of RFID antenna positioning
AW Reza, TK Geok
International Journal of Electronics 96 (12), 1281-1307, 2009
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