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Principles and utilization of combining ability in plant breeding
P Fasahat, A Rajabi, JM Rad, J Derera
Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal 4 (1), 1-24, 2016
Proximate nutritional composition and antioxidant properties of'Oryza rufipogon', a wild rice collected from Malaysia compared to cultivated rice, MR219
P Fasahat, K Muhammad, A Abdullah, W Ratnam
Australian Journal of Crop Science 6 (11), 1502-1507, 2012
Genetic controls on starch amylose content in wheat and rice grains
P Fasahat, S Rahman, W Ratnam
Journal of genetics 93 (1), 279-292, 2014
An overview on the use of stability parameters in plant breeding
P Fasahat, A Rajabi, SB Mahmoudi, MA Noghabi, JM Rad
Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal 2 (5), 00043, 2015
A transgressive brown rice mediates favourable glycaemic and insulin responses
T Karupaiah, CK Aik, TC Heen, S Subramaniam, AR Bhuiyan, P Fasahat, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 91 (11), 1951-1956, 2011
Recent progress in understanding cadmium toxicity and tolerance in rice
P Fasahat
Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, 94-105, 2015
Red pericarp advanced breeding lines derived from Oryza rufipogon× Oryza sativa: Physicochemical properties, total antioxidant activity, phenolic compounds and vitamin E content
P Fasahat, A Abdullah, K Muhammad, T Karupaiah, W Ratnam
Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2012
Efficiency of white mustard and oilseed radish trap plants against sugar beet cyst nematode
SS Hemayati, MRJ Akbar, AR Ghaemi, P Fasahat
Applied Soil Ecology 119, 192-196, 2017
Genotype× environment assessment for grain quality traits in rice
P Fasahat, K Muhammad, A Abdullah, BMA Rahman, NM Siing, ...
Communications in Biometry and Crop Science 9 (2), 71-82, 2014
Identification of introgressed alien chromosome segments associated with grain quality in Oryza rufipogon× MR219 advanced breeding lines using SSR markers
P Fasahat, K Muhammad, A Abdullah, R Wickneswari
Genet. Mol. Res 11 (3), 3534-3546, 2012
Sucrose accumulation in sugar beet: From fodder beet selection to genomic selection
P Fasahat, M Aghaeezadeh, L Jabbari, SS Hemayati, P Townson
Sugar Tech 20 (6), 635-644, 2018
Amylose content and grain length of new rice transgressive variants derived from a cross between O. rufipogon and Malaysian rice cultivar MR219
P Fasahat, K Muhammad, A Abdullah, W Ratnam
International Journal on Advanced Science Enginnering Information Technology …, 2012
Molecular progress in sugar beet breeding for resistance to biotic stresses in sub-arid conditions-current status and perspectives
P Norouzi, P Stevanato, SB Mahmoudi, P Fasahat, E Biancardi
Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology 20 (2), 99-105, 2017
Expression of a key gene involved in the biosynthetic pathway of vitamin E in red pericarp and white rice grains
P Fasahat, A Abdullah, K Muhammad, R Wickneswari
International Food Research Journal 20 (6), 3395, 2013
Comparison of organic, traditional and transgenic agricultural products
RE Bagheri, P Norouzi, P Fasahat
Genetic Engineering and Biosafety Journal 7 (1), 103-114, 2018
Study on Waxy Gene Polymorphism and Amylose Content of Breeding Lines Derived from Oryza rufipogon x Oryza Sativa CV. MR219.
Y Ong, MS Ngu, F Parviz, K Tilakavati, R Wickneswari
Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science 35 (4), 2012
The mRNA sequence polymorphisms of flowering key genes in bolting sensitive or tolerant sugar beet genotypes
M Alimirzaee, A Mirzaie-Asl, MR Abdollahi, HE Kolaei, P Fasahat
BioTechnologia. Journal of Biotechnology Computational Biology and …, 2017
New red rice transgressive variants with high antioxidant capacity
A Abdullah, K Muhammad, R Wickneswari
International Food Research Journal 20 (3), 1497-1501, 2013
Stability Analysis of Genotype× Environment Interaction Effect on Sugar Yield in Sugar Beet Hybrids
P Fasahat, S Khayamim, J Soltani Idliki, S Darabi, A Pedram, M Hasani, ...
Journal of Crop Breeding 11 (32), 33-40, 2019
Effects of drought stress on quantitative and qualitative characteristics, canopy ground cover and wilting score of sugar beet genotypes
S Sadeghzadeh Hemayati, D Fathollah Taleghani, P Fasahat
Environmental Stresses in Crop Sciences 10 (3), 363-375, 2017
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