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Health Notions
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The Effectiveness Of Spiritual Qur’anic Emotional Freedom Technique (SQEFT) Intervence Against The Change Of Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) On Patient With Schizophrenia
L Rosyanti
Health Notions 2 (8), 2018
Duration of gadget usage affects eye fatigue in students aged 16-18 years
NN Rahmat, A Munawir, S Bukhori
Health Notions 1 (4), 335-340, 2017
Efforts in securing vaccine for Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia
IDAP Dwipayana
Health Notions 4 (10), 313-317, 2020
Development of instruments to detect disaster risk in children under five
H Sumasto, NT Wisnu, N Surtinah
Health Notions 2 (2), 279-283, 2018
Effectiveness of Effleurage and Counter-Pressure Massages in Reducing Labor Pain
RN Santiasari, DS Nurdiati, W Lismidiati, N Saudah
Health Notions 2 (7), 721-724, 2018
Strengthening Patients Safety Culture through the Implementation of SBAR Communication Method
H Hilda, R Setiadi, EP Wahyuni, S Supriadi, R Loriana, R Rasmun, ...
Health Notions 2 (8), 856-861, 2018
In vitro inhibitory activity of ethanolic fruit extract from Averrhoa bilimbi L. against Streptococcus pyogenes Bacteria
P Dewi, GA Ratih, B Burhannuddin, G Sudarmanto
Health Notions 3 (1), 13-17, 2019
Patient satisfaction analysis based on gronroos method at obstetric-gynecology specialist clinic, mitra keluarga waru hospital, Sidoarjo
H Hartatie, S Haksama
Health Notions 2 (4), 432-438, 2018
Development of stunting prevention behavior model based on health promotion model and social capital in the Magetan district
A Suharto, M Wildan, TE Handayani
Health Notions 4 (2), 48-56, 2020
Navigating the storm: integrative review of attrition factors among undergraduate nursing students
CTT De Leon
Health Notions 2 (9), 918-926, 2018
The effect of dayak onion bulb-stem (Eleutherine palmifolia (l.,) Merr.) extract on blood glucose levels of mouse suffered diabetes mellitus
N Arwati, B Wirjatmadi, M Adriani, S Meilanani, D Winarni, S Hartiningsih
Health Notions 2 (3), 368-372, 2018
Lived experiences of the abused elderly
JRU Acob
Public Health of Indonesia 4 (1), 1-8, 2018
Effleurage Technical Applications As The Management Of Pain Labor In Bidan Praktik Mandiri Tembalang District
DA Wulandari, VTA Putri
Health Notions 1 (4), 327-329, 2017
Effleurage Technical Applications As The Management Of Pain Labor In Bidan Praktik Mandiri Tembalang District
DA Wulandari, VTA Putri
Health Notions 1 (4), 327-329, 2017
The relationship between the physical environment of the house and the incidence of pneumonia in children
ER Korelia
Health Notions 1 (4), 375-382, 2017
Understanding the resistance to health information systems
D Ackah, AE Alvarado, HSW Nugroho, S Polnok, W Martiningsih
Health Notions 1 (1), 45-50, 2017
Endurance diabetes foot exercise based on family centered care (EDFE-BFCC) to reduce blood sugar levels patients diabetes mellitus type 2
P Parellangi, EP Wahyuni, K Mustofa, B Seda, T Tini
Health Notions 6 (2), 51-54, 2022
Challenges in nursing education in the new normal: Basis for faculty enhancement program
EB Cacayan, MEC Baua, AE Alvarado
Health Notions 4 (8), 234-247, 2020
The Effect of Birthball Training to Back Pain in Third Trimester Pregnant Women in Kabila Community Health Center
PS Rasyid, Y Igirisa
Health Notions 3 (4), 173-177, 2019
Strawberry extract as a tooth stain remover
I Yulita, IA Karmawati, R Budiarti
Health Notions 3 (1), 28-31, 2019
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