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Jassinnee Milano
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Microalgae biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuel for power generation
J Milano, HC Ong, HH Masjuki, WT Chong, MK Lam, PK Loh, V Vellayan
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 58, 180-197, 2016
Evaluation of the engine performance and exhaust emissions of biodiesel-bioethanol-diesel blends using kernel-based extreme learning machine
AS Silitonga, HH Masjuki, HC Ong, AH Sebayang, S Dharma, F Kusumo, ...
Energy 159, 1075-1087, 2018
Biodiesel production from Calophyllum inophyllum-Ceiba pentandra oil mixture: Optimization and characterization
HC Ong, J Milano, AS Silitonga, MH Hassan, CT Wang, TMI Mahlia, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 219, 183-198, 2019
Optimization of biodiesel production by microwave irradiation-assisted transesterification for waste cooking oil-Calophyllum inophyllum oil via response surface methodology
J Milano, HC Ong, HH Masjuki, AS Silitonga, WH Chen, F Kusumo, ...
Energy conversion and management 158, 400-415, 2018
Experimental study and prediction of the performance and exhaust emissions of mixed Jatropha curcas-Ceiba pentandra biodiesel blends in diesel engine using artificial neural …
S Dharma, MH Hassan, HC Ong, AH Sebayang, AS Silitonga, F Kusumo, ...
Journal of cleaner production 164, 618-633, 2017
Optimization of bioethanol production from sorghum grains using artificial neural networks integrated with ant colony
AH Sebayang, HH Masjuki, HC Ong, S Dharma, AS Silitonga, F Kusumo, ...
Industrial crops and products 97, 146-155, 2017
Physicochemical property enhancement of biodiesel synthesis from hybrid feedstocks of waste cooking vegetable oil and Beauty leaf oil through optimized alkaline-catalysed …
J Milano, HC Ong, HH Masjuki, AS Silitonga, F Kusumo, S Dharma, ...
Waste Management 80, 435-449, 2018
Prediction of engine performance and emissions with Manihot glaziovii bioethanol− Gasoline blended using extreme learning machine
AH Sebayang, HH Masjuki, HC Ong, S Dharma, AS Silitonga, F Kusumo, ...
Fuel 210, 914-921, 2017
Optimization of cerbera manghas biodiesel production using artificial neural networks integrated with ant colony optimization
AS Silitonga, TMI Mahlia, AH Shamsuddin, HC Ong, J Milano, F Kusumo, ...
Energies 12 (20), 3811, 2019
Process intensification of biodiesel synthesis via ultrasound‐assisted in situ esterification of Jatropha oil seeds
SX Tan, HC Ong, S Lim, YL Pang, J Milano
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 94 (5), 1362-1373, 2019
Effect of ethanol and gasoline blending on the performance of a stationary small single cylinder engine
RN Rao, AS Silitonga, J Milano, TMI Riayatsyah, AH Sebayang, TB Nur, ...
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 45 (7), 5793-5802, 2020
Production of biodiesel from Jatropha curcas mixed with waste cooking oil assisted by ultrasound
F Kusumo, AH Shamsuddin, AR Ahmad, S Dharma, J Milano, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 476 (1), 012082, 2020
Optimisation of biodiesel production from mixed Sterculia foetida and rice bran oil
F Kusumo, TMI Mahlia, AH Shamsuddin, AR Ahmad, AS Silitonga, ...
International Journal of Ambient Energy, 1-11, 2021
Properties and corrosion behaviors of mild steel in biodiesel-diesel blends
S Dharma, AS Silitonga, AH Shamsuddin, AH Sebayang, J Milano, ...
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 1-13, 2019
Experimental Study and Prediction of The Performance and Exhaust Emissions of Mixed Biodiesel Blends in Diesel Engine Using Jatropha Curcas-Ceiba Pentandra Artificial Neural …
S Dharmaa, MH Hassana, HC Onga, AH Sebayanga, AS Silitongab, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 10, 2017
Gelatin films plasticized with a simulated biodiesel coproduct stream
M Singh, J Milano, ES Stevens, RD Ashby, DKY Solaiman
eXPRESS Polymer Letters 3 (4), 201-206, 2009
Biodiesel Production from Reutealis trisperma Oil Using Conventional and Ultrasonication through Esterification and Transesterification
TMI Riayatsyah, R Thaib, AS Silitonga, J Milano, A Shamsuddin, ...
Sustainability 13 (6), 3350, 2021
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