Abdul Razak Daud
Abdul Razak Daud
Professor of Metallurgy, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
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XPS and optical studies of different morphologies of ZnO nanostructures prepared by microwave methods
R Al-Gaashani, S Radiman, AR Daud, N Tabet, Y Al-Douri
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Physics, Technology and the Nuclear Arms Race: Aip Conference Proceedings
DW Hafemeister, D Schroeer
American Institute of physics, 1983
On the inhibition of mild steel corrosion by 4-amino-5-phenyl-4H-1, 2, 4-trizole-3-thiol
AY Musa, AAH Kadhum, AB Mohamad, MS Takriff, AR Daud, ...
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S Zahi, M Hashim, AR Daud
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N Saheb, T Laoui, AR Daud, M Harun, S Radiman, R Yahaya
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Corrosion study at Cu–Al interface in microelectronics packaging
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A review on radiation-induced nucleation and growth of colloidal metallic nanoparticles
A Abedini, AR Daud, MAA Hamid, NK Othman, E Saion
Nanoscale research letters 8 (1), 474, 2013
Effect of element additions on wear property of eutectic aluminium-silicon alloys
M Harun, IA Talib, AR Daud
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Chemical composition, microstructure and sintering temperature modifications on mechanical properties of TiC-based cermet–a review
A Rajabi, MJ Ghazali, AR Daud
Materials & Design 67, 95-106, 2015
A comparative study of the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in sulphuric acid by 4, 4-dimethyloxazolidine-2-thione
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A comparative study of nickel–zinc ferrites by sol–gel route and solid-state reaction
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Preparation and characterization of stir cast-aluminum nitride reinforced aluminum metal matrix composites
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Development and application of tool wear: a review of the characterization of TiC-based cermets with different binders
A Rajabi, MJ Ghazali, J Syarif, AR Daud
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Effect of microwave power on the morphology and optical property of zinc oxide nano-structures prepared via a microwave-assisted aqueous solution method
R Al-Gaashani, S Radiman, N Tabet, AR Daud
Materials Chemistry and Physics 125 (3), 846-852, 2011
Investigation of the optical properties of Mg (OH) 2 and MgO nanostructures obtained by microwave-assisted methods
R Al-Gaashani, S Radiman, Y Al-Douri, N Tabet, AR Daud
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 521, 71-76, 2012
Fly ash characterization and application in Al–based Mg alloys
S Zahi, AR Daud
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Mechanical and electrical properties of Au-Al and Cu-Al intermetallics layer at wire bonding interface
TC Wei, AR Daud
Journal of Electronic Packaging, Transactions of the ASME 125 (4), 617-620, 2003
Optimization of plasma spray parameters on the mechanical properties of agglomerated Al2O3–13% TiO2 coated mild steel
NHN Yusoff, MJ Ghazali, MC Isa, AR Daud, A Muchtar, SM Forghani
Materials & Design 39, 504-508, 2012
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