Setia Pramana
Setia Pramana
Institute of Statistics, Jakarta Indonesia, and Karolinska Institutet Stockholm Sweden
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Large-scale genome-wide analysis identifies genetic variants associated with cardiac structure and function
PS Wild, JF Felix, A Schillert, A Teumer, MH Chen, MJG Leening, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 127 (5), 1798-1812, 2017
Integration of somatic mutation, expression and functional data reveals potential driver genes predictive of breast cancer survival
C Suo, O Hrydziuszko, D Lee, S Pramana, D Saputra, H Joshi, S Calza, ...
Bioinformatics 31 (16), 2607-2613, 2015
Modeling dose-response microarray data in early drug development experiments using R: order-restricted analysis of microarray data
D Lin, Z Shkedy, D Yekutieli, D Amaratunga, L Bijnens
Springer Science & Business Media, 2012
Affinity proteomics reveals elevated muscle proteins in plasma of children with cerebral malaria
J Bachmann, F Burté, S Pramana, I Conte, BJ Brown, AE Orimadegun, ...
PLoS Pathog 10 (4), e1004038, 2014
Willingness to pay for a dengue vaccine and its associated determinants in Indonesia: a community-based, cross-sectional survey in Aceh
H Harapan, S Anwar, A Bustamam, A Radiansyah, P Angraini, R Fasli, ...
Acta tropica 166, 249-256, 2017
An expression signature at diagnosis to estimate prostate cancer patients’ overall survival
Z Peng, L Skoog, H Hellborg, G Jonstam, IL Wingmo, M Hjälm-Eriksson, ...
Prostate cancer and prostatic diseases 17 (1), 81-90, 2014
Applied biclustering methods for big and high-dimensional data using R
A Kasim, Z Shkedy, S Kaiser, S Hochreiter, W Talloen
CRC Press, 2016
IsoGene: An R package for analyzing dose-response studies in microarray experiments
S Pramana, D Lin, P Haldermans, Z Shkedy, T Verbeke, H Göhlmann, ...
R Journal 2 (1), 5-12, 2010
Comprehensive landscape of subtype-specific coding and non-coding RNA transcripts in breast cancer
TN Vu, S Pramana, S Calza, C Suo, D Lee, Y Pawitan
Oncotarget 7 (42), 68851, 2016
Dasar-dasar Statistika dengan Software R: Konsep dan Aplikasi
S Pramana, ricky Yordani, robert kurniawan, budi yuniarto
In Media Jakarta, 2016
Dasar-dasar Statistik dengan Software R Konsep dan Aplikasi. Penerbit Inmedia: Bogor
S Pramana, R Yordani, R Kurniawan, B Yuniarto
Dasar-dasar Statistik dengan Software R Konsep dan Aplikasi. Penerbit …, 2016
Sentiment analysis: a comparison of deep learning neural network algorithm with SVM and naive Bayes for indonesian text
WCF Mariel, S Mariyah, S Pramana
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 971 (1), 012049, 2018
Ensemble based Gustafson Kessel fuzzy clustering
AFB Firmansyah, S Pramana
Journal of Data Science and Its Applications 1 (1), 1-9, 2018
Model-based approaches
S Pramana, Z Shkedy, HWH Göhlmann, W Talloen, A De Bondt, ...
Modeling dose-response microarray data in early drug development experiments …, 2012
Willingness-to-pay for a hypothetical Ebola vaccine in Indonesia: A cross-sectional study in Aceh
M Mudatsir, S Anwar, JK Fajar, A Yufika, MN Ferdian, S Salwiyadi, ...
F1000Research 8, 2019
Improvement Method of Fuzzy Geographically Weighted Clustering using Gravitational Search Algorithm
S Pramana, IH Pamungkas
Jurnal Ilmu Komputer dan Informasi 11 (1), 10-16, 2018
Big Data for Government Policy: Potential Implementations of BigData for Official Statistics in Indonesia
BY Setia Pramana, R Kurniawan, J Lee, NLP Imaduddin Amin, ...
International Workshop on Big Data and Information Security (IWBIS), 17-21., 2017
Operator dependent choice of prostate cancer biopsy has limited impact on a gene signature analysis for the highly expressed genes IGFBP3 and F3 in prostate cancer epithelial cells
Z Peng, K Andersson, J Lindholm, I Bodin, S Pramana, Y Pawitan, ...
PloS one 9 (10), e109610, 2014
The impact of development and government expenditure for information and communication technology on Indonesian economic growth
The Journal of Business Economics and Environmental Studies 9 (4), 5-13, 2019
NTP research report on national toxicology program approach to genomic dose-response modeling
National Toxicology Program
National Toxicology Program, 2018
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