Arief Boediono
Arief Boediono
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Normal calves obtained after direct transfer of vitrified bovine embryos using ethylene glycol, trehalose, and polyvinylpyrrolidone
S Saha, T Otoi, M Takagi, A Boediono, C Sumantri, T Suzuki
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Fertilization and Development of Frozen–Thawed Germinal Vesicle Bovine Oocytes by a One-Step Dilution Methodin Vitro
T Suzuki, A Boediono, M Takagi, S Saha, C Sumantri
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Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 53 (2 …, 1999
Effect of the presence of a CL in the ovary on oocyte number, cleavage rate and blastocyst production in vitro in cattle
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Comparison of hybrid and purebred in vitro-derived cattle embryos during in vitro culture
A Boediono, T Suzuki, RA Godke
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Morfologi dan histomorfometri testis dan epididymis kambing kacang (Capra sp.) dan domba lokal (Ovis sp.)
C Noviana, A Boediono, T Wresdiyati
Ultrasound-guided follicle aspiration and IVF in dairy cows treated with FSH after removal of the dominant follicle at different stages of the estrous cycle
M Ooe, R Rajamahendran, A Boediono, T Suzuki
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Production of chimeric calves by aggregation of in vitro-fertilized bovine embryos without zonae pellucidae
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Microphthalmia‐associated transcription factor mutations are associated with white‐spotted coat color in swamp buffalo
Y Yusnizar, M Wilbe, AO Herlino, C Sumantri, RR Noor, A Boediono, ...
Animal genetics 46 (6), 676-682, 2015
Pregnancies after transfer of aggregated parthenogenetic bovine activated oocytes
A Boediono, T Suzuki
Theriogenology 41 (1), 166, 1994
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