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Study on phase, molecular bonding, and bandgap of reduced graphene oxide prepared by heating coconut shell
AY Nugraheni, M Nasrullah, FA Prasetya, F Astuti
Materials Science Forum 827, 285-289, 2015
Solution of reduced graphene oxide synthesized from coconut shells and its optical properties
KW Mas’ udah, IMA Nugraha, S Abidin, A Mufid, F Astuti, Darminto
AIP Conference Proceedings 1725 (1), 020045, 2016
Anionogenic Magnetism Combined with Lattice Symmetry in Alkali-metal Superoxide RbO2
F Astuti, M Miyajima, T Fukuda, M Kodani, T Nakano, T Kambe, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88 (4), 043701, 2019
Muon Site Estimations by DFT Calculations in Metal and Insulating Systems
I Watanabe, E Suprayoga, N Adam, SS Mohm-Tajudin, AF Rozlan, ...
Materials Science Forum 827, 347-354, 2015
Magnetic properties of superconductors Bi-2212 and (Bi, Pb)-2212 nanoparticles synthesized by dissolved method
F Astuti, MA Baqiya, Darminto
AIP Conference Proceedings 1554 (1), 97-100, 2013
Nodeless superconductivity in the cage-type superconductor Sc5Ru6Sn18 with preserved time-reversal symmetry
D Kumar, CN Kuo, F Astuti, T Shang, MK Lee, CS Lue, I Watanabe, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30 (31), 315803, 2018
Magnetism and High-magnetic Field Magnetization in Alkali Superoxide CsO2
M Miyajima, F Astuti, T Kakuto, A Matsuo, DP Sari, R Asih, K Okunishi, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 87 (6), 063704, 2018
Successive magnetic phase transition of the new frustrated compound KCu 3 OCl (SO 4) 2
H Kikuchi, K Kunieda, Y Fujii, F Astuti, DR Sari, I Watanabe
RIKEN Accel. Prog. Rep 50, 236, 2017
Study on Physical Properties of Reduced Graphene Oxide from Heating Coconut Shell
F Astuti, D Darminto
JPSE (Journal of Physical Science and Engineering) 1 (1), 1-6, 2016
Study of the formation of amorphous carbon and rGO-like phases from palmyra sugar by variation of calcination temperature
F Astuti, N Sari, VL Maghfirohtuzzoimah, R Asih, MA Baqiya, D Darminto
JFA (Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya) 16 (2), 91-94, 2020
Physical Properties Comparison of rGO-like phase prepared from Coconut Shell and the Commercial Product
R Asih, MM Septya, EB Yutomo, F Astuti, MA Baqiya, D Darminto
JFA (Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya) 16 (2), 82-86, 2020
Exploring soft magnetism in amorphous carbon synthesized from biomass
F Astuti, VL Maghfirohtuzzoimah, N Sari, D Ristiani, R Asih, MA Baqiya, ...
Key Engineering Materials 855, 154-159, 2020
Effects of Mn Substitution on Magnetic Properties of ZnO Nanoparticles
R Asih, RM Dhari, MA Baqiya, F Astuti, H Harsono, C Saiyasombat, ...
Key Engineering Materials 855, 166-171, 2020
Study on Magnetic Properties of Na-Doped rGO Prepared from Coconut Shells
D Ristiani, NS Puspitasari, R Asih, F Astuti, MA Baqiya
Key Engineering Materials 855, 160-165, 2020
p-electron Magnetism in Alkali-metal Superoxides probed by μSR
F Astuti
北海道大学, 2019
Magnetic properties of Alkali-metal Superoxide, NaO2
F Astuti, M Miyajima, T Kambe, T Nakano, I Watanabe
RIKEN Accel. Prog. Rep. 52, 20, 2019
Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Rubidium Superoxide, RbO2
F Astuti, M Miyajima, T Fukuda, M Kodani, T Nakano, T Kambe, ...
Materials Science Forum 966, 237-242, 2019
μSR Studies on Electron Motion in DNA
H Rozak, F Zaharim, SNAA Bakar, NE Ismail, F Astuti, ...
日本物理学会講演概要集 73.2, 2570-2570, 2018
Study of the Interplay between Spin and Lattice Degrees of Freedom of Aniogenic Magnetism in RbO2
F Astuti, M Miyajima, T Kakuto, T Nakano, I Watanabe, T Kambe
日本物理学会講演概要集 73.2, 590-590, 2018
Study of Magnetic Ordering by p-orbital in RbO2 using μSR
IW F Astuti, M Miyajima, R. Asih, T Kambe
RIKEN Accel. Prog. Rep 51, 204, 2018
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