Brawijaya Law Journal : Journal of Legal Studies
Brawijaya Law Journal : Journal of Legal Studies
Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University
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Rohingya Minority in Myanmar Between the Religious Persecution and the Reality of Constitutional Protection.
B Driss
Brawijaya Law Journal 3 (2), 221-241, 2016
Population Administration Policy: An Empirical and Juridical Examination
DO Setiabudhi, TN Palilingan, JA Kermite
Brawijaya Law Journal 5 (2), 209-216, 2018
In Search of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Regulations State Practices and International Law Perspective What Indonesia can Learn?
AL Uweh, N Ruhaeni
Brawijaya Law Journal 5 (1), 54-73, 2018
Protecting Privacy on Personal Data in Digital Economic Era: Legal Framework in Indonesia
SD Rosadi
Brawijaya Law Journal 5 (1), 143-157, 2018
Radicalization in the Teaching Religion and Its Relations with Criminal Acts of Terrorism
H Hasibuan, S Sudarsono, IN Nurjaya, B Sugiri
Brawijaya Law Journal 4 (2), 161-174, 2017
Model Regulation For Data Privacy In The Application Of Biometric Smart Card
S Dewi
Brawijaya Law Journal 4 (1), 117-128, 2017
The Analysis of Islamic Economy in the Constitution of Indonesia
S Hamidah, M Bakri, AR Budiono, B Winarno
Brawijaya Law Journal 4 (1), 59-76, 2017
Philosophical Validity, Theoretical, Normative and Empirical Paradigm of General Principles of Good Governance (Aupb) as a Review of Presidential Impeachment
N Nadir, S Soedarsono, J Hamidi, MA Syafaat
Brawijaya Law Journal 4 (1), 95-116, 2017
Judicial Decision and Rethinking the Constitutional Principles Concerning Treaty Making Power and Process of Thailand
K Umpai
Brawijaya Law Journal 4 (1), 1-28, 2017
The Principle of Sustainable Development and Good Governance
SK Roy
Brawijaya Law Journal 3 (2), 200-220, 2016
Freedom Of Speech In Indonesian Press: International Human Rights Perspective
C Staples
Brawijaya Law Journal 3 (1), 41-59, 2016
Indonesian Law Reform and the Promotion of Justice: an Analysis of Law Reform in the Post-soeharto Period
H McGuire
Brawijaya Law Journal 3 (1), 60-78, 2016
Indonesian Salvage Law Within the Framework of Contemporary Maritime Law
D Puspitawati
Brawijaya Law Journal 2 (2), 20, 2015
Recognition of the Customary Land Law in the Constitution of Indonesia and Malaysia
DB Napoh
Brawijaya Law Journal 2 (2), 2015
Freedom of Information in Indonesia and Australia
J Partridge
Brawijaya University, 2015
Sustainable Development In Malaysia: The Way Forward And Challenges In The Modern Era
SM Basir
Brawijaya Law Journal 4, 2014
Legal Protection for Investee Company in Venture Capital Agreement in Indonesia
S Sihabudin
Brawijaya Law Journal 6 (1), 94-103, 2019
Arbitration Mechanisms in Settlement of Maritime Disputes in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects
EO Babatunde
Brawijaya Law Journal 6 (1), 1-26, 2019
Discourse Interpretation of Public Policy in the Context of Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Indonesia
AAAN Saraswati, C Hidayat
Brawijaya Law Journal 6 (1), 50-59, 2019
Arbitration and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution for Commercial Dispute (Reviewed from the Strengths of ADR and Decision of Arbitration)
S Suherman
Brawijaya Law Journal 6 (1), 104-114, 2019
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