I Dewa Made Cipta Santosa, PhD
I Dewa Made Cipta Santosa, PhD
Politeknik Negeri Bali
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Energy analysis of alternative CO2 refrigeration system configurations for retail food applications in moderate and warm climates
Energy Conversion and Management, 2017
Design optimisation of CO2 gas cooler/condenser in a refrigeration system
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Model development of cold chains for fresh fruits and vegetables distribution: a case study in Bali Province
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ID Santosa
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Pemanfaatan Media Pemasaran Online dan Diversifikasi Produk Untuk Keberlangsungan Usaha Telur Asin
IDMC Santosa, NLPND Abdi, PA Suprapto, NLAKY Sarja
Madaniya 1 (4), 156-164, 2020
Studi Kelayakan Aplikasi Teknologi Energi Surya dan Energi Bayu Pada Gedung Komersial
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Balinese green building model emphasizing on criteria of energy efficiency and conservation
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Analysis of Display Cabinet Design with Commissioning Test for Fresh Sea Food
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Logic: Jurnal Rancang Bangun dan Teknologi 21 (3), 190-196, 2021
Investigation of optimization of solar energy refrigerator with natural humidifier
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Using textile aramid fabrics to increase the ballistic resistance of ultra-high-performance steel-fibre reinforced concrete
M Mára, R Sovják, J Fornůsek, J Procházka, J Pollert, J Suder, M Vocetka, ...
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Evaluation of Air Side Characteristics Performance of Finned Tube Evaporator
I Santosa, INGS Waisnawa, PW Sunu, IW Temaja
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