Zhengming Sun
Zhengming Sun
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Progress in research and development on MAX phases: a family of layered ternary compounds
ZM Sun
International Materials Reviews 56 (3), 143-166, 2011
Rapid synthesis of ternary carbide Ti3SiC2 through pulse-discharge sintering technique from Ti/Si/TiC powders
ZF Zhang, ZM Sun, H Hashimoto
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of porous Ti3SiC2
ZM Sun, A Murugaiah, T Zhen, A Zhou, MW Barsoum
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ZF Zhang, ZM Sun, H Hashimoto, T Abe
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Electronic, thermal, and elastic properties of solid solutions
P Finkel, B Seaman, K Harrell, J Palma, JD Hettinger, SE Lofland, ...
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A new synthesis reaction of Ti3SiC2 through pulse discharge sintering Ti/SiC/TiC powder
ZF Zhang, ZM Sun, H Hashimoto, T Abe
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Compressive creep of fine and coarse-grained T3SiC2 in air in the 1100–1300 C temperature range
T Zhen, MW Barsoum, SR Kalidindi, M Radovic, ZM Sun, T El-Raghy
Acta materialia 53 (19), 4963-4973, 2005
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ZM Sun, ZF Zhang, H Hashimoto, T Abe
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ZM Sun, H Hashimoto
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Evolution and microstructural characteristics of deformation bands in fatigued copper single crystals
ZF Zhang, ZG Wang, ZM Sun
Acta materialia 49 (15), 2875-2886, 2001
Effect of sintering temperature on the thermoelectric properties of pulse discharge sintered (Bi0. 24Sb0. 76) 2Te3 alloy
N Keawprak, ZM Sun, H Hashimoto, MW Barsoum
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Synthesis and Characterization of a Metallic Ceramic Material–Ti3SiC2
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Residual stresses in silicon carbide particulate reinforced aluminum composites
ZM Sun, JB Li, ZG Wang, WJ Li
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Ti3SiC2 powder synthesis
ZM Sun, S Yang, H Hashimoto
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Y Zou, ZM Sun, S Tada, H Hashimoto
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Synthesis of single-phase Ti3SiC2 powder
S Yang, ZM Sun, H Hashimoto, T Abe
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 23 (16), 3147-3152, 2003
Synthesis reactions for Ti3AlC2 through pulse discharge sintering Ti/Al4C3/TiC powder mixture
Y Zou, ZM Sun, S Tada, H Hashimoto
Scripta materialia 55 (9), 767-770, 2006
Fabrication and Microstructure Characterization of Ti3SiC2 Synthesized from Ti/Si/2TiC Powders Using the Pulse Discharge Sintering (PDS) Technique
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Reaction in Ti3SiC2 powder synthesis from a Ti–Si–TiC powder mixture
S Yang, ZM Sun, H Hashimoto
Journal of Alloys and compounds 368 (1-2), 312-317, 2004
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