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William E. Bentley
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Biofabrication with chitosan
H Yi, LQ Wu, WE Bentley, R Ghodssi, GW Rubloff, JN Culver, GF Payne
Biomacromolecules 6 (6), 2881-2894, 2005
Autoinducer 2 Controls Biofilm Formation in Escherichia coli through a Novel Motility Quorum-Sensing Regulator (MqsR, B3022)
AF González Barrios, R Zuo, Y Hashimoto, L Yang, WE Bentley, TK Wood
Journal of bacteriology 188 (1), 305-316, 2006
Plasmid‐encoded protein: the principal factor in the “metabolic burden” associated with recombinant bacteria
WE Bentley, N Mirjalili, DC Andersen, RH Davis, DS Kompala
Biotechnology and bioengineering 35 (7), 668-681, 1990
DNA Microarray-Based Identification of Genes Controlled by Autoinducer 2-Stimulated Quorum Sensing inEscherichia coli
MP DeLisa, CF Wu, L Wang, JJ Valdes, WE Bentley
Journal of bacteriology 183 (18), 5239-5247, 2001
Voltage-dependent assembly of the polysaccharide chitosan onto an electrode surface
LQ Wu, AP Gadre, H Yi, MJ Kastantin, GW Rubloff, WE Bentley, GF Payne, ...
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Evanescent wave long-period fiber bragg grating as an immobilized antibody biosensor
MP DeLisa, Z Zhang, M Shiloach, S Pilevar, CC Davis, JS Sirkis, ...
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Electrochemically induced deposition of a polysaccharide hydrogel onto a patterned surface
R Fernandes, LQ Wu, T Chen, H Yi, GW Rubloff, R Ghodssi, WE Bentley, ...
Langmuir 19 (10), 4058-4062, 2003
Transglutaminase crosslinked gelatin as a tissue engineering scaffold
CW Yung, LQ Wu, JA Tullman, GF Payne, WE Bentley, TA Barbari
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2007
Quorum Sensing in Escherichia coli Is Signaled by AI-2/LsrR: Effects on Small RNA and Biofilm Architecture
J Li, C Attila, L Wang, TK Wood, JJ Valdes, WE Bentley
Journal of bacteriology 189 (16), 6011-6020, 2007
Cyclic AMP (cAMP) and cAMP Receptor Protein Influence both Synthesis and Uptake of Extracellular Autoinducer 2 in Escherichia coli
L Wang, Y Hashimoto, CY Tsao, JJ Valdes, WE Bentley
Journal of bacteriology 187 (6), 2066-2076, 2005
Quorum sensing and bacterial cross-talk in biotechnology
JC March, WE Bentley
Current opinion in biotechnology 15 (5), 495-502, 2004
Engineered probiotic Escherichia coli can eliminate and prevent Pseudomonas aeruginosa gut infection in animal models
IY Hwang, E Koh, A Wong, JC March, WE Bentley, YS Lee, MW Chang
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-11, 2017
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli Biofilms Are Inhibited by 7-Hydroxyindole and Stimulated by Isatin
J Lee, T Bansal, A Jayaraman, WE Bentley, TK Wood
Applied and environmental microbiology 73 (13), 4100-4109, 2007
Introduction: Crisis in the African family
C Bradley, TS Weisner
African families and the crisis of social change, 1-3, 1997
Chitosan: an integrative biomaterial for lab-on-a-chip devices
ST Koev, PH Dykstra, X Luo, GW Rubloff, WE Bentley, GF Payne, ...
Lab on a Chip 10 (22), 3026-3042, 2010
Integrating artificial with natural cells to translate chemical messages that direct E. coli behaviour
R Lentini, SP Santero, F Chizzolini, D Cecchi, J Fontana, M Marchioretto, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-6, 2014
Biotechnological applications of green fluorescent protein
JC March, G Rao, WE Bentley
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 62 (4), 303-315, 2003
Patterned assembly of genetically modified viral nanotemplates via nucleic acid hybridization
H Yi, S Nisar, SY Lee, MA Powers, WE Bentley, GF Payne, R Ghodssi, ...
Nano letters 5 (10), 1931-1936, 2005
Monitoring GFP‐operon fusion protein expression during high cell density cultivation of Escherichia coli using an on‐line optical sensor
MP DeLisa, J Li, G Rao, WA Weigand, WE Bentley
Biotechnology and bioengineering 65 (1), 54-64, 1999
luxS-Dependent Gene Regulation in Escherichia coli K-12 Revealed by Genomic Expression Profiling
L Wang, J Li, JC March, JJ Valdes, WE Bentley
Journal of bacteriology 187 (24), 8350-8360, 2005
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