Danial Jahed Armaghani, Ph.D
Danial Jahed Armaghani, Ph.D
Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya
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Blasting-induced flyrock and ground vibration prediction through an expert artificial neural network based on particle swarm optimization
DJ Armaghani, M Hajihassani, ET Mohamad, A Marto, SA Noorani
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 7 (12), 5383-5396, 2014
Prediction of uniaxial compressive strength of rock samples using hybrid particle swarm optimization-based artificial neural networks
E Momeni, DJ Armaghani, M Hajihassani, MFM Amin
Measurement 60, 50-63, 2015
Prediction of pile bearing capacity using a hybrid genetic algorithm-based ANN
E Momeni, R Nazir, DJ Armaghani, H Maizir
Measurement 57, 122-131, 2014
Ground vibration prediction in quarry blasting through an artificial neural network optimized by imperialist competitive algorithm
M Hajihassani, DJ Armaghani, A Marto, ET Mohamad
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 74 (3), 873-886, 2015
Prediction of seismic slope stability through combination of particle swarm optimization and neural network
B Gordan, DJ Armaghani, M Hajihassani, M Monjezi
Engineering with Computers 32 (1), 85-97, 2016
Prediction of airblast-overpressure induced by blasting using a hybrid artificial neural network and particle swarm optimization
M Hajihassani, DJ Armaghani, H Sohaei, ET Mohamad, A Marto
Applied Acoustics 80, 57-67, 2014
Feasibility of indirect determination of blast induced ground vibration based on support vector machine
M Hasanipanah, M Monjezi, A Shahnazar, DJ Armaghani, A Farazmand
Measurement 75, 289-297, 2015
Feasibility of PSO-ANN model for predicting surface settlement caused by tunneling
M Hasanipanah, M Noorian-Bidgoli, DJ Armaghani, H Khamesi
Engineering with Computers 32 (4), 705-715, 2016
Prediction and optimization of back-break and rock fragmentation using an artificial neural network and a bee colony algorithm
E Ebrahimi, M Monjezi, MR Khalesi, DJ Armaghani
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 75 (1), 27-36, 2016
Development of hybrid intelligent models for predicting TBM penetration rate in hard rock condition
DJ Armaghani, ET Mohamad, MS Narayanasamy, N Narita, S Yagiz
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 63, 29-43, 2017
Prediction of the unconfined compressive strength of soft rocks: a PSO-based ANN approach
ET Mohamad, DJ Armaghani, E Momeni, SVANK Abad
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 74 (3), 745-757, 2015
A combination of the ICA-ANN model to predict air-overpressure resulting from blasting
DJ Armaghani, M Hasanipanah, ET Mohamad
Engineering with Computers 32 (1), 155-171, 2016
Blast-induced air and ground vibration prediction: a particle swarm optimization-based artificial neural network approach
M Hajihassani, DJ Armaghani, M Monjezi, ET Mohamad, A Marto
Environmental Earth Sciences 74 (4), 2799-2817, 2015
A novel approach for blast-induced flyrock prediction based on imperialist competitive algorithm and artificial neural network
A Marto, M Hajihassani, D Jahed Armaghani, E Tonnizam Mohamad, ...
The Scientific World Journal 2014, 2014
Application of PSO to develop a powerful equation for prediction of flyrock due to blasting
M Hasanipanah, DJ Armaghani, HB Amnieh, MZA Majid, MMD Tahir
Neural Computing and Applications 28 (1), 1043-1050, 2017
Prediction of air-overpressure caused by mine blasting using a new hybrid PSO–SVR model
M Hasanipanah, A Shahnazar, HB Amnieh, DJ Armaghani
Engineering with Computers 33 (1), 23-31, 2017
An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for predicting unconfined compressive strength and Young’s modulus: a study on Main Range granite
DJ Armaghani, ET Mohamad, E Momeni, MS Narayanasamy
Bulletin of engineering geology and the environment 74 (4), 1301-1319, 2015
Optimizing an ANN model with ICA for estimating bearing capacity of driven pile in cohesionless soil
H Moayedi, DJ Armaghani
Engineering with Computers 34 (2), 347-356, 2018
Developing a hybrid PSO–ANN model for estimating the ultimate bearing capacity of rock-socketed piles
DJ Armaghani, RSNSB Raja, K Faizi, ASA Rashid
Neural Computing and Applications 28 (2), 391-405, 2017
Several non-linear models in estimating air-overpressure resulting from mine blasting
M Hasanipanah, DJ Armaghani, H Khamesi, HB Amnieh, S Ghoraba
Engineering with Computers 32 (3), 441-455, 2016
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