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The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention
AF Mahdi, MZM Zin, MRM Nor, AA Sakat, ASA Naim
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M Achour, B Bensaid, MRBM Nor
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Effective techniques of memorizing the Quran: a study a Madrasah Tahfiz Al-quran, Terengganu, Malaysia
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Sejarah dan perkembangan pendidikan Islam di Malaysia
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M Achour, I Binti Abdul Ghani Azmi, M Bin Isahak, MR Mohd Nor, ...
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AA Elgharbawy, A Hayyan, M Hayyan, SN Rashid, MRM Nor, MY Zulkifli, ...
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Management and supervisory support as a moderator of work–family demands and women’s well-being: A case study of Muslim female academicians in Malaysia
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M Achour, MRM Nor
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Ibn Khaldun’s Theory of ‘Asabiyyah and its application in modern Muslim society
AA Halim, MR Nor, AZ Hamid
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The right of women in property sharing in Bangladesh: Can the islamic inheritance system eliminate discrimination?
I Khan, MF Abdullah, NNA Rahman, MRBM Nor, MYZBM Yusoff
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Analysing the conceptual framework of religious freedom and interreligious relationship in Islam
MRM Nor, I Khan, M Elius
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Natural deep eutectic solvent-assisted pectin extraction from pomelo peel using sonoreactor: experimental optimization approach
AAM Elgharbawy, A Hayyan, M Hayyan, MES Mirghani, HM Salleh, ...
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Prayer moderating job stress among Muslim nursing staff at the University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)
M Achour, A Muhamad, AH Syihab, MR Mohd Nor, MYZ Mohd Yusoff
Journal of religion and health 60, 202-220, 2021
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