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The effect of hydrogen gas evolution of magnesium implant on the postimplantation mortality of rats
D Noviana, D Paramitha, MF Ulum, H Hermawan
Journal of Orthopaedic Translation 5, 9-15, 2016
In vitro and in vivo degradation evaluation of novel iron-bioceramic composites for bone implant applications
MF Ulum, A Arafat, D Noviana, AH Yusop, AK Nasution, MRA Kadir, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 36, 336-344, 2014
An entrepreneurial, research-based university model focused on intellectual property management for economic development in emerging economies: The case of Bogor Agricultural …
JG Payumo, P Arasu, AM Fauzi, IZ Siregar, D Noviana
World patent information 36, 22-31, 2014
Distribution, histochemical and enzyme histochemical characterization of mast cells in dogs
D Noviana, K Mamba, S Makimura, Y Horii
Journal of molecular histology 35 (2), 123-132, 2004
Evidences of in vivo bioactivity of Fe‐bioceramic composites for temporary bone implants
MF Ulum, AK Nasution, AH Yusop, A Arafat, MRA Kadir, V Juniantito, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 103 (7 …, 2015
EDTA-treated cotton-thread microfluidic device used for one-step whole blood plasma separation and assay
MF Ulum, L Maylina, D Noviana, DHB Wicaksono
Lab on a Chip 16 (8), 1492-1504, 2016
Distribution and enzyme histochemical characterisation of mast cells in cats
D Noviana, F Kono, Y Nagakui, H Shimizu, K Mamba, S Makimura, Y Horii
The Histochemical Journal 33 (11), 597-603, 2001
Diagnosis ultrasonografi pada hewan kecil
D Noviana, SH Aliambar, MF Ulum, R Siswandi, BJ Widyananta, ...
Bogor (ID): IPB Pr, 2012
Detection of anti-borna disease virus antibodies from cats in Asian countries, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia using electrochemiluminescence immunoassay
Y Horii, JNP Garcia, D Noviana, F Kono, T Sawada, T Naraki, ...
Journal of veterinary medical science 63 (8), 921-923, 2001
Subjective and objective observation of skin graft recovery on Indonesian local cat with different periods of transplantation time
G Erwin, E Handharyani, D Noviana
Veterinary World 9 (5), 481, 2016
Motion mode and two dimensional echocardiographic measurements of cardiac dimensions of Indonesian mongrel dogs
D Noviana, D Paramitha, R Wulansari
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences 18 (1), 1-5, 2011
Proliferation of protease-enriched mast cells in sarcoptic skin lesions of raccoon dogs
D Noviana, DW Harjanti, Y Otsuka, Y Horii
Journal of comparative pathology 131 (1), 28-37, 2004
Nanocellulose-based fibres derived from palm oil by-products and their in vitro biocompatibility analysis
F Fahma, N Lisdayana, Z Abidin, D Noviana, YW Sari, RR Mukti, M Yunus, ...
The Journal of The Textile Institute 111 (9), 1354-1363, 2020
Monitoring degradation products and metal ions in vivo
D Paramitha, MF Ulum, A Purnama, DHB Wicaksono, D Noviana, ...
Monitoring and evaluation of biomaterials and their performance in vivo, 19-44, 2017
The evaluation of hydroxyapatite (HA) coated and uncoated porous tantalum for biomedical material applications
N Safuan, I Sukmana, MRA Kadir, D Noviana
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 495 (1), 012023, 2014
Distribution of Fe-based degradable materials in mice skeletal muscle
D Paramitha, S Estuningsih, D Noviana, MF Ulum, H Hermawan
European Cells and Materials 26 (5), 55, 2013
Blood profile of domestic cat (Felis catus) during skin graft recovery with different period
G Erwin, E Handharyani, D Noviana
Jurnal Veteriner 18 (1), 31-37, 2017
Novel technology on sinthesizing Mg-Zn biomaterial using arc plasma sintering
M Silalahi, H Sitompul, JL Manalu, K Dahlan, D Noviana, A Dimyati
Asian Journal of Applied Sciences 5 (3), 2017
Heart size evaluation of Indonesian domestic house cat by motion mode echocardiography imaging
D Noviana, LKL Kurniawan
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences 20 (1), 40-46, 2013
Metal ion level and polymorphonuclear leukocyte cells number as determination factors for early in vivo rejection of biodegradable metals
MF Ulum, D Paramitha, S Estuningsih, D Noviana, H Hermawan
European Cells and Materials 26 (5), 59, 2013
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