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Mohamed R. Ali
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Characteristics of melting heat transport of blood with time-dependent cross-nanofluid model using Keller–Box and BVP4C method
A Ayub, Z Sabir, GC Altamirano, R Sadat, MR Ali
Engineering with Computers 38 (4), 3705-3719, 2022
Solution of fractional Volterra–Fredholm integro-differential equations under mixed boundary conditions by using the HOBW method
MR Ali, AR Hadhoud, HM Srivastava
Advances in Difference Equations 2019, 1-14, 2019
Hydrothermal and mass aspects of MHD non-Darcian convective flows of radiating thixotropic nanofluids nearby a horizontal stretchable surface: Passive control strategy
G Rasool, NA Ahammad, MR Ali, NA Shah, X Wang, A Shafiq, A Wakif
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 42, 102654, 2023
Lie symmetry analysis, new group invariant for the (3 + 1)-dimensional and variable coefficients for liquids with gas bubbles models
RS Mohamed R.Ali
Chinese Journal of Physics 71 (June 2021, Pages 539-547), 539-547, 2021
Effects of homogeneous-heterogeneous and Lorentz forces on 3-D radiative magnetized cross nanofluid using two rotating disks
A Ayub, Z Sabir, SZH Shah, HA Wahab, R Sadat, MR Ali
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 130, 105778, 2022
New exact solutions of nonlinear (3+ 1)-dimensional Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli equation
MR Ali, WX Ma
Advances in Mathematical Physics 2019, 2019
Hybrid Orthonormal Bernstein and Block-Pulse functions wavelet scheme for solving the 2D Bratu problem
MR Ali, AR Hadhoud
Results in Physics 12, 525-530, 2019
Gudermannian neural networks using the optimization procedures of genetic algorithm and active set approach for the three-species food chain nonlinear model
Z Sabir, MR Ali, R Sadat
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing 14 (7), 8913-8922, 2023
Computational intelligence approach using Levenberg–Marquardt backpropagation neural networks to solve the fourth-order nonlinear system of Emden–Fowler model
Z Sabir, MR Ali, MAZ Raja, M Shoaib, RAS Núñez, R Sadat
Engineering with Computers, 1-17, 2022
Solution of Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations with Weakly Singular Kernel by Using the HOBW Method
WXM Mohamed R. Ali,Mohamed M. Mousa
Advances in Mathematical Physics, 10, 2019
Melting thermal transportation in bioconvection Casson nanofluid flow over a nonlinear surface with motile microorganism: Application in bioprocessing thermal engineering
Y Li, A Majeed, N Ijaz, K Barghout, MR Ali, T Muhammad
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 49, 103285, 2023
Thin film flow and heat transfer of Cu-nanofluids with slip and convective boundary condition over a stretching sheet
A Shahzad, F Liaqat, Z Ellahi, M Sohail, M Ayub, MR Ali
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 14254, 2022
New exact solutions of Bratu Gelfand model in two dimensions using Lie symmetry analysis
MR Ali, WX Ma
Chinese Journal of Physics 65, 198-206, 2020
A truncation method for solving the time-fractional Benjamin-Ono equation
MR Ali
Journal of Applied Mathematics 2019, 2019
A numerical simulation of the fractional order Leptospirosis model using the supervise neural network
K Mukdasai, Z Sabir, MAZ Raja, R Sadat, MR Ali, P Singkibud
Alexandria Engineering Journal 61 (12), 12431-12441, 2022
Aspects of infinite shear rate viscosity and heat transport of magnetized Carreau nanofluid
A Ayub, Z Sabir, SZH Shah, SR Mahmoud, A Algarni, R Sadat, MR Ali
The European Physical Journal Plus 137 (2), 247, 2022
Modeling and computational framework of radiative hybrid nanofluid configured by a stretching surface subject to entropy generation: Using Keller box scheme
U Farooq, H Waqas, MS Aldhabani, N Fatima, A Alhushaybari, MR Ali, ...
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 16 (4), 104628, 2023
Construction of Lump and optical solitons solutions for (3+ 1) model for the propagation of nonlinear dispersive waves in inhomogeneous media
MR Ali, R Sadat
Optical and Quantum Electronics 53 (6), 279, 2021
The method of lines for solution of the carbon nanotubes engine oil nanofluid over an unsteady rotating disk
D Baleanu, R Sadat, MR Ali
The European Physical Journal Plus 135, 1-13, 2020
Application of a new hybrid method for solving singular fractional Lane–Emden-type equations in astrophysics
WX Ma, MM Mousa, MR Ali
Modern Physics Letters B 34 (03), 2050049, 2020
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