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Seafood allergy: A comprehensive review of fish and shellfish allergens
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A cross‐sectional, population‐based study on the prevalence of food allergies among children in two different socio‐economic regions of Vietnam
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Small wonders—The use of nanoparticles for delivering antigen
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Patients allergic to fish tolerate ray based on the low allergenicity of its parvalbumin
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A comprehensive review on natural bioactive compounds and probiotics as potential therapeutics in food allergy treatment
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A perspective on the discovery of selected compounds with anthelmintic activity against the barber's pole worm—Where to from here?
Y Jiao, S Preston, A Hofmann, A Taki, J Baell, BCH Chang, A Jabbar, ...
Advances in parasitology 108, 1-45, 2020
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