Fourier Dzar Eljabbar Latief
Fourier Dzar Eljabbar Latief
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Continuum reconstruction of the pore scale microstructure for Fontainebleau sandstone
FDE Latief, B Biswal, U Fauzi, R Hilfer
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 389 (8), 1607-1618, 2010
Kozeny–Carman and empirical formula for the permeability of computer rock models
FDE Latief, U Fauzi
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Osteogenic differentiation and biocompatibility of bovine teeth scaffold with rat adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells
DS Sari, E Maduratna, FDE Latief, AP Nugraha, K Sudiana, FA Rantam
European Journal of Dentistry 13 (02), 206-212, 2019
Tortuosity–porosity relationship in two-dimensional fractal model of porous media
S Feranie, FDE Latief
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The effect of X‐ray micro computed tomography image resolution on flow properties of porous rocks
FDE Latief, U Fauzi, Z Irayani, G Dougherty
Journal of microscopy 266 (1), 69-88, 2017
Newton’s cradle experiment using video tracking analysis with multiple representation approach
A Anissofira, FDE Latief, L Kholida, P Sinaga
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Porosity log prediction using artificial neural network
OD Saputro, ZL Maulana, FDE Latief
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 739 (1), 012092, 2016
Permeability estimation of porous rock by means of fluid flow simulation and digital image analysis
CW Winardhi, FI Maulana, FDE Latief
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Applications of Micro-CT scanning in medicine and dentistry: Microstructural analyses of a Wistar Rat mandible and a urinary tract stone
FDE Latief, DS Sari, LA Fitri
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 884 (1), 012042, 2017
Periodontal ligament cell sheets and RGD-modified chitosan improved regeneration in the horizontal periodontal defect model
LR Amir, Y Soeroso, D Fatma, H Sunarto, B Sulijaya, E Idrus, ...
European Journal of Dentistry 14 (02), 306-314, 2020
Digital isolation technique for reconstruction and visualization of cracks in micro-CT images of geothermal reservoir rock
FDE Latief, U Fauzi, S Feranie
Microscopy and Analysis, 13-17, 2012
Analysis and Visualization of 2D and 3D Grain and Pore Size ofFontainebleau Sandstone Using Digital Rock Physics
FDE Latief
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 739 (1), 012047, 2016
Prediction of landslide run-out distance based on slope stability analysis and center of mass approach
S Feranie, A Tohari, FDE Latief
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 29 (1), 012003, 2016
Three-dimensional visualization and characterization of cracks in geothermal reservoir rock using image analysis of reconstructed μCT images: A preliminary study
FDE Latief, S Feranie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1589 (1), 120-123, 2014
Dual energy micro CT SkyScan 1173 for the characterization of urinary stone
LA Fitri, V Asyana, T Ridwan, F Anwary, H Soekersi, FDE Latief, ...
Journal of Physics: conference series 694 (1), 012053, 2016
Permeability estimation of crack type and granular type of pore space in a geothermal reservoir using lattice boltzmann method and Kozeny-Carman relation
A Anissofira, FDE Latief
Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2015, Melbourne, 19-25, 2015
The effect of milk or its combination with tea and 0.2% NaF on dental enamel demineralization analyzed by micro computed tomography
A Rahardjo, RD Sahertian, SA Ramadhani, DA Maharani, FDE Latief
Journal of Dentistry Indonesia 21 (2), 53-56, 2014
Digital 3D microstructure analysis of concrete using X-ray micro computed tomography SkyScan 1173: a preliminary study
FDE Latief, IH Mohammad, AD Rarasati
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 267 (1), 012020, 2017
Pore structure characterization of 3D random pigeon hole rock models
FDE Latief, U Fauzi, S Bijaksana, Y Bindar
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 47 (3), 523-531, 2010
The development of experimental sets for measuring linear thermal expansion coefficient of metal using digital video-based single slit diffraction method
Y Yogaswara, FDE Latief
Jurnal Penelitian & Pengembangan Pendidikan Fisika 4 (2), 141-152, 2018
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