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Combined effect of heat generation or absorption and first-order chemical reaction on micropolar fluid flows over a uniformly stretched permeable surface
RA Damseh, MQ Al-Odat, AJ Chamkha, BA Shannak
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Thermal boundary layer on an exponentially stretching continous surface in the presence of magnetic field effect
RA Damseh
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Similarity analysis of magnetic field and thermal radiation effects on forced convection flow
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HM Duwairi, B Tashtoush, RA Damseh
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MAN Mohammed Q Al-Odat, Renhe A Damseh
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Magnetohydrodynamic natural convection heat transfer from radiate vertical porous surfaces
HM Duwairi, RA Damseh
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MHD‐Buoyancy Aiding and Opposing Flows with Viscous Dissipation Effects from Radiate Vertical Surfaces
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Visco-elastic fluid flow past an infinite vertical porous plate in the presence of first-order chemical reaction
RA Damseh, BA Shannak
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Magnetohydrodynamics-mixed convection from radiate vertical isothermal surface embedded in a saturated porous media
RA Damseh
Effect of thermophoresis particle deposition on mixed convection from vertical surfaces embedded in saturated porous medium
AG Malan, JP Meyer, HM Duwairi, RA Damseh
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 2008
Unsteady natural convection heat transfer of micropolar fluid over a vertical surface with constant heat flux
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MQ Al-Odat, FMS Al-Hussien, RA Damseh
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Entropy generation during fluid flow in a channel under the effect of transverse magnetic field
RA Damseh, MQ Al-Odat, MA Al-Nimr
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Dynamic behaviour of baffled solar air heaters
RAD MA Al-Nimr
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Nonsimilar solutions of magnetohydrodynamic and thermophoresis particle deposition on mixed convection problem in porous media along a vertical surface with variable wall …
RA Damseh, MS Tahat, AC Benim
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Deposition and removal mechanisms during calcium sulphate fouling in heat exchangers
Int. J. Transport Phenom 7, 1-22, 2005
Thermophoresis particle deposition—thermal radiation interaction on mixed convection from vertical surfaces embedded in porous medium
HM Duwairi, RA Damseh
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Transient mixed convection flow of a second-grade visco-elastic fluid over a vertical surface
RA Damseh, AS Shatnawi, AJ Chamkha, HM Duwairi
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Transient mixed convection along a vertical plate embedded in porous media with internal heat generation and oscillating temperature
HM Duwairi, RA Damseh, B Tashtoush
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Influence of air intake pipe on engine exhaust emission
B Shannak, R Damseh, M Alhusein
Forschung im Ingenieurwesen 70 (2), 128-132, 2005
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