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A facile method for production of high-purity silica xerogels from bagasse ash
S Affandi, H Setyawan, S Winardi, A Purwanto, R Balgis
Advanced Powder Technology 20 (5), 468-472, 2009
Recent progress on magnetorheological solids: materials, fabrication, testing, and applications
J Sutrisno, A Purwanto, SA Mazlan
Advanced engineering materials 17 (5), 563-597, 2015
Investigation on the correlations between droplet and particle size distribution in ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
WN Wang, A Purwanto, IW Lenggoro, K Okuyama, H Chang, HD Jang
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 47 (5), 1650-1659, 2008
High luminance YAG: Ce nanoparticles fabricated from urea added aqueous precursor by flame process
A Purwanto, WN Wang, T Ogi, IW Lenggoro, E Tanabe, K Okuyama
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 463 (1-2), 350-357, 2008
CuO/WO3 and Pt/WO3 nanocatalysts for efficient pollutant degradation using visible light irradiation
H Widiyandari, A Purwanto, R Balgis, T Ogi, K Okuyama
Chemical Engineering Journal 180, 323-329, 2012
Dispersion stability enhancement of titania nanoparticles in organic solvent using a bead mill process
IM Joni, A Purwanto, F Iskandar, K Okuyama
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 48 (15), 6916-6922, 2009
Preparation of size-controlled tungsten oxide nanoparticles and evaluation of their adsorption performance
D Hidayat, A Purwanto, WN Wang, K Okuyama
Materials Research Bulletin 45 (2), 165-173, 2010
Direct synthesis of highly crystalline transparent conducting oxide nanoparticles by low pressure spray pyrolysis
T Ogi, D Hidayat, F Iskandar, A Purwanto, K Okuyama
Advanced Powder Technology 20 (2), 203-209, 2009
Formation of BaTiO3 nanoparticles from an aqueous precursor by flame-assisted spray pyrolysis
A Purwanto, WN Wang, IW Lenggoro, K Okuyama
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (16), 4489-4497, 2007
Role of particle size for platinum-loaded tungsten oxide nanoparticles during dye photodegradation under solar-simulated irradiation
A Purwanto, H Widiyandari, T Ogi, K Okuyama
Catalysis Communications 12 (6), 525-529, 2011
Formation and luminescence enhancement of agglomerate-free YAG: Ce3+ submicrometer particles by flame-assisted spray pyrolysis
A Purwanto, WN Wang, IW Lenggoro, K Okuyama
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 154 (3), J91, 2007
Fabrication of high-performance fluorine doped–tin oxide film using flame-assisted spray deposition
A Purwanto, H Widiyandari, A Jumari
Thin Solid Films 520 (6), 2092-2095, 2012
Role of urea addition in the preparation of tetragonal BaTiO3 nanoparticles using flame-assisted spray pyrolysis
Y Terashi, A Purwanto, WN Wang, F Iskandar, K Okuyama
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 28 (13), 2573-2580, 2008
NCA cathode material: synthesis methods and performance enhancement efforts
A Purwanto, CS Yudha, U Ubaidillah, H Widiyandari, T Ogi, H Haerudin
Materials Research Express 5 (12), 122001, 2018
Intense UV-light absorption of ZnO nanoparticles prepared using a pulse combustion-spray pyrolysis method
IM Joni, A Purwanto, F Iskandar, M Hazata, K Okuyama
Chemical Engineering Journal 155 (1-2), 433-441, 2009
Nanoparticle formation through solid‐fed flame synthesis: Experiment and modeling
W Widiyastuti, A Purwanto, WN Wang, F Iskandar, H Setyawan, ...
AIChE journal 55 (4), 885-895, 2009
Preparation of submicron-and nanometer-sized particles of Y2O3: Eu3+ by flame spray pyrolysis using ultrasonic and two-fluid atomizers
A Purwanto, IW Lenggoro, H Chang, K Okuyama
Journal of chemical engineering of Japan 39 (1), 68-76, 2006
A pulse combustion‐spray pyrolysis process for the preparation of nano‐and submicrometer‐sized oxide particles
W Widiyastuti, WN Wang, A Purwanto, IW Lenggoro, K Okuyama
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 90 (12), 3779-3785, 2007
Synthesis and film deposition of Ni nanoparticles for base metal electrode applications
SG Kim, Y Terashi, A Purwanto, K Okuyama
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 337 (1-3 …, 2009
Design real time battery monitoring system using labview interface for arduino (lifa)
A Jamaluddin, L Sihombing, A Supriyanto, A Purwanto, M Nizam
2013 Joint International Conference on Rural Information & Communication …, 2013
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