Yevgeny Brudno
Yevgeny Brudno
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University
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Conversion of 5-methylcytosine to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in mammalian DNA by MLL partner TET1
M Tahiliani, KP Koh, Y Shen, WA Pastor, H Bandukwala, Y Brudno, ...
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Genome-wide mapping of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in embryonic stem cells
WA Pastor, UJ Pape, Y Huang, HR Henderson, R Lister, M Ko, ...
Nature 473 (7347), 394-397, 2011
Enhancing microvascular formation and vessel maturation through temporal control over multiple pro-angiogenic and pro-maturation factors
Y Brudno, AB Ennett-Shepard, RR Chen, M Aizenberg, DJ Mooney
Biomaterials 34 (36), 9201-9209, 2013
DNA-templated polymerization of side-chain-functionalized peptide nucleic acid aldehydes
RE Kleiner, Y Brudno, ME Birnbaum, DR Liu
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Comparison of biomaterial delivery vehicles for improving acute retention of stem cells in the infarcted heart
ET Roche, CL Hastings, SA Lewin, DE Shvartsman, Y Brudno, ...
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On-demand drug delivery from local depots
Y Brudno, DJ Mooney
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Recent progress toward the templated synthesis and directed evolution of sequence-defined synthetic polymers
Y Brudno, DR Liu
Chemistry & biology 16 (3), 265-276, 2009
An in vitro translation, selection and amplification system for peptide nucleic acids
Y Brudno, ME Birnbaum, RE Kleiner, DR Liu
Nature chemical biology 6 (2), 148-155, 2010
Refilling drug delivery depots through the blood
Y Brudno, EA Silva, CJ Kearney, SA Lewin, A Miller, KD Martinick, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (35), 12722-12727, 2014
Sustained delivery of VEGF maintains innervation and promotes reperfusion in ischemic skeletal muscles via NGF/GDNF signaling
D Shvartsman, H Storrie-White, K Lee, C Kearney, Y Brudno, N Ho, ...
Molecular Therapy 22 (7), 1243-1253, 2014
Three-Dimensional Human Tissue Models That Incorporate Diabetic Foot Ulcer-Derived Fibroblasts Mimic In Vivo Features of Chronic Wounds
AG Maione, Y Brudno, O Stojadinovic, LK Park, A Smith, A Tellechea, ...
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 21 (5), 499-508, 2015
Platelet‐inspired nanocells for targeted heart repair after ischemia/reperfusion injury
T Su, K Huang, H Ma, H Liang, PU Dinh, J Chen, D Shen, TA Allen, ...
Advanced functional materials 29 (4), 1803567, 2019
Replenishable drug depot to combat post-resection cancer recurrence
Y Brudno, MJ Pezone, TK Snyder, O Uzun, CT Moody, M Aizenberg, ...
Biomaterials 178, 373-382, 2018
In vivo targeting through click chemistry
Y Brudno, RM Desai, BJ Kwee, NS Joshi, M Aizenberg, DJ Mooney
ChemMedChem 10 (4), 617-620, 2015
Fibroblasts derived from human pluripotent stem cells activate angiogenic responses in vitro and in vivo
Y Shamis, EA Silva, KJ Hewitt, Y Brudno, S Levenberg, DJ Mooney, ...
Plos one 8 (12), e83755, 2013
Click cross-linking improves retention and targeting of refillable alginate depots
CT Moody, S Palvai, Y Brudno
Acta biomaterialia 112, 112-121, 2020
Clickable, acid labile immunosuppressive prodrugs for in vivo targeting
H Wang, MC Sobral, T Snyder, Y Brudno, VS Gorantla, DJ Mooney
Biomaterials Science 8 (1), 266-277, 2020
Refillable drug delivery devices and methods of use thereof
Y Brudno, CJ Kearney, E Silva, M Aizenberg, B Kwee, R Desai, NS Joshi, ...
US Patent App. 14/878,578, 2016
Extracellular-matrix-anchored click motifs for specific tissue targeting
MR Adams, CT Moody, JL Sollinger, Y Brudno
Molecular pharmaceutics 17 (2), 392-403, 2019
Improving Wound Healing through the Use of Tetrazine‐Modified Alginate
EJ De Leon‐Peralta, Y Brudno, BJ Kwee, DJ Mooney
The FASEB Journal 30, 1177.10-1177.10, 2016
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