Yehezkiel Steven Kurniawan
Yehezkiel Steven Kurniawan
Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments, Ma Chung University
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Droplet-based microreactor system for stepwise recovery of precious metal ions from real metal waste with calix [4] arene derivatives
RR Sathuluri, YS Kurniawan, JY Kim, M Maeki, W Iwasaki, S Morisada, ...
Separation Science and Technology 53 (8), 1261-1272, 2018
Microfluidic reactor for Pb (II) ion extraction and removal with an amide derivative of calix [4] arene supported by spectroscopic studies
YS Kurniawan, RR Sathuluri, W Iwasaki, S Morisada, H Kawakita, K Ohto, ...
Microchemical Journal 142, 377-384, 2018
Green synthesis of some novel dioxolane compounds from Indonesian essential oils as potential biogreases
TD Wahyuningsih, YS Kurniawan
AIP Conference Proceedings 1823 (1), 020081, 2017
New lubricant from used cooking oil: Cyclic ketal of ethyl 9, 10-dihydroxyoctadecanoate
YS Kurniawan, M Anwar, TD Wahyuningsih
Materials Science Forum 901, 135-141, 2017
Synthesis of 1, 4-Dioxaspiro [4.4] and 1, 4-Dioxaspiro [4.5] Novel Compounds from Oleic Acid as Potential Biolubricant
YS Kurniawan, Y Ramanda, K Thomas, H Hendra, TD Wahyuningsih
Indonesian Journal of Chemistry 17 (2), 301-308, 2017
Preparation of Monoacylglycerol Derivatives from Indonesian Edible Oil and Their Antimicrobial Assay against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli
Jumina, W Lavendi, T Singgih, S Triono, YS Kurniawan, M Koketsu
Scientific Reports, 2019
A rapid and efficient lithium-ion recovery from seawater with tripropyl-monoacetic acid calix [4] arene derivative employing droplet-based microreactor system
YS Kurniawan, RR Sathuluri, K Ohto, W Iwasaki, H Kawakita, S Morisada, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 211, 925-934, 2019
Separation of Pb(II) ion with tetraacetic acid derivative of calix[4]arene by using droplet-based microreactor system
YS Kurniawan, M Ryu, RR Sathuluri, W Iwasaki, S Morisada, H Kawakita, ...
Indonesian Journal of Chemistry 19 (2), 368-375, 2019
Monomyristin and Monopalmitin Derivatives: Synthesis and Evaluation as Potential Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents
Jumina, A Nurmala, A Fitria, D Pranowo, E Sholikhah, Y Kurniawan, ...
Molecules 23 (12), 3141, 2018
Synthesis and Kinetic Study of the Urea Controlled Release Composite Material: Sodium Lignosulfonate from Isolation of Wood Sawdust-Sodium Alginate-Tapioca
AC Imawan, YS Kurniawan, MF Lukman, J Jumina, T Triyono, D Siswanta
Indonesian Journal of Chemistry 18 (1), 108-115, 2018
Statistical Analysis for Evaluating Natural Yellow Coloring Agents from Peel of Local Fruits in Malang: Mangosteen, Honey Pineapple and Red Dragon Fruits
YS Kurniawan, MAS Adhiwibawa, E Setiyono, MRG Fahmi, HO Lintang
Indonesian Journal of Natural Pigments 1 (2), 49-49, 2019
Investigation of the chemical and optical properties of halogen-substituted N-methyl-4-piperidone curcumin analogs by density functional theory calculations
AS Hutama, H Huang, YS Kurniawan
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 221, 117152, 2019
Diethanolamide derivatives as a potential enhanced oil recovery agent from indonesian castor oil and used frying oil: isolation, synthesis, and evaluation as nonionic …
TD Wahyuningsih, YS Kurniawan, S Amalia, TAK Wardhani, ...
Rasayan Journal of chemistry 12 (2), 741-748, 2019
Heterocyclic hydrazone derivatives as potential antitubercular agent against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
MRG Fahmi, YS Kurniawan
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Microbiology 2 (2), 16-21, 2019
Micro Total Analysis System Application for Biomedicals: A Mini-Review
YS Kurniawan
Biomedical Journal of Science & Technical Research 12 (4), 2019
Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Three Monosaccharide Monomyristate Derivatives
J Jumina, M Mutmainah, B Purwono, YS Kurniawan, YM Syah
Molecules 24 (20), 3692, 2019
Preparation of PdO doped on bentonite as catalyst for Friedel-Craft acylation reaction of aromatic compounds and the investigation of the reaction mechanism
YS Kurniawan, AC Imawan, YM Stansyah, T Dwi
Green Chemistry on Intermediate Product of Biolubricant Synthesis from Oleic Acid: A Review
YS Kurniawan, I Munawaroh, TD Wahyuningsih
Synthesis of Ag2O/Bentonite as Antibacterial Material Candidate
ITA Aziz, YS Kurniawan, I Tahir, K Wijaya
Green Synthesis of Esters from 9, 10-Dihydroxyoctadecanoic acid
YS Kurniawan, DO Jusuf, AC Imawan, TD Wahyuningsih
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