Lee Min Lee
Lee Min Lee
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A simple model for preliminary evaluation of rainfall-induced slope instability
LM Lee, N Gofar, H Rahardjo
Engineering Geology 108 (3-4), 272-285, 2009
Factors affecting improvement in engineering properties of residual soil through microbial-induced calcite precipitation
NW Soon, LM Lee, TC Khun, HS Ling
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Improvements in engineering properties of soils through microbial-induced calcite precipitation
NW Soon, LM Lee, TC Khun, HS Ling
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An overview of the factors affecting microbial-induced calcite precipitation and its potential application in soil improvement
WS Ng, ML Lee, SL Hii
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A study on crack damage stress thresholds of different rock types based on uniaxial compression tests
L Xue, S Qin, Q Sun, Y Wang, LM Lee, W Li
Rock mechanics and rock engineering 47 (4), 1183-1195, 2014
Combined roles of saturated permeability and rainfall characteristics on surficial failure of homogeneous soil slope
WC Li, LM Lee, H Cai, HJ Li, FC Dai, ML Wang
Engineering Geology 153, 105-113, 2013
Performances of two instrumented laboratory models for the study of rainfall infiltration into unsaturated soils
LM Lee, A Kassim, N Gofar
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ML Lee, KY Ng, YF Huang, WC Li
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Analysis of an anti-dip landslide triggered by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China
R Huang, J Zhao, N Ju, G Li, ML Lee, Y Li
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Stress-deformation and compressibility responses of bio-mediated residual soils
ML Lee, WS Ng, Y Tanaka
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Discrete element modeling of a rainfall-induced flowslide
WC Li, HJ Li, FC Dai, LM Lee
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Effect of different sand grading on strength properties of cement grout
SK Lim, CS Tan, KP Chen, ML Lee, WP Lee
construction and Building materials 38, 348-355, 2013
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A Kassim, N Gofar, LM Lee, H Rahardjo
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Extreme rainfall characteristics for surface slope stability in the Malaysian Peninsular
N Gofar, L Min Lee
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Transient seepage and slope stability analysis for rainfall-induced landslide: A case study
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Stability of unsaturated slopes subjected to rainfall infiltration
N Gofar, ML Lee, A Kassim
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Disaster Prevention …, 2007
Susceptibility assessment of shallow landslides in Hulu Kelang area, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia using analytical hierarchy process and frequency ratio
N Saadatkhah, A Kassim, LM Lee
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 33 (1), 43-57, 2015
Implication of subsurface flow on rainfall-induced landslide: a case study
WC Li, FC Dai, YQ Wei, ML Wang, H Min, LM Lee
Landslides 13 (5), 1109-1123, 2016
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