Rizki A. Mangkuto
Rizki A. Mangkuto
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Design optimisation for window size, orientation, and wall reflectance with regard to various daylight metrics and lighting energy demand: A case study of buildings in the tropics
RA Mangkuto, M Rohmah, AD Asri
Applied energy 164, 211-219, 2016
Heating and cooling energy demand in underground buildings: potential for saving in various climates and functions
C Van Dronkelaar, D Cóstola, RA Mangkuto, JLM Hensen
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Validation of DIALux 4.12 and DIALux evo 4.1 against the Analytical Test Cases of CIE 171:2006
RA Mangkuto
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Determination of discomfort glare criteria for daylit space in Indonesia
RA Mangkuto, KA Kurnia, DN Azizah, RT Atmodipoero, FXN Soelami
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Optimisation of daylight admission based on modifications of light shelf design parameters
RA Mangkuto, F Feradi, RE Putra, RT Atmodipoero, F Favero
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Determination of appropriate metrics for indicating indoor daylight availability and lighting energy demand using genetic algorithm
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Revisiting the national standard of daylighting in Indonesia: A study of five daylit spaces in Bandung
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Simulation of virtual natural lighting solutions with a simplified view
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Lighting performance and electrical energy consumption of a virtual window prototype
RA Mangkuto, S Wang, BW Meerbeek, MBC Aries, EJ van Loenen
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Assessment of pitch floodlighting and glare condition in the Main Stadium of Gelora Bung Karno, Indonesia
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Analysis of various opening configurations of a second-generation virtual natural lighting solutions prototype
RA Mangkuto, MBC Aries, EJ Van Loenen, JLM Hensen
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Prediction of daylight availability in a large hall with multiple facades using computer simulation and subjective perception
A Handina, N Mukarromah, RA Mangkuto, RT Atmodipoero
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Visual comfort assessment using high dynamic range images under daylight condition in the Main Library Building of Institut Teknologi Bandung
KA Kurnia, DN Azizah, RA Mangkuto, RT Atmodipoero
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The effects of illuminance, colour temperature, and colour rendering of various existing light-emitting diode lamps on subjective preference and performance in Indonesia
RA Mangkuto, A Enge, F Munir, FXN Soelami
Journal of Building Engineering 19, 334-341, 2018
Radiation modeling of a photo-reactor using a backward ray-tracing method: an insight into indoor photocatalytic oxidation
RS Pelzers, QL Yu, RA Mangkuto
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21 (19), 11142-11154, 2014
A comparison of three approaches for determining scalar illuminance from cubic illuminance data
RA Mangkuto
Lighting Research & Technology 51 (4), 625-641, 2019
Comparison between lighting performance of a virtual natural lighting solutions prototype and a real window based on computer simulation
RA Mangkuto, S Wang, MBC Aries, EJ Van Loenen, JLM Hensen
Frontiers of Architectural Research 3 (4), 398-412, 2014
Properties and performance indicators of virtual natural lighting solutions
RA Mangkuto, MBC Aries, EJ van Loenen, JLM Hensen
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Design optimisation of internal shading device in multiple scenarios: Case study in Bandung, Indonesia
RA Mangkuto, DK Dewi, AA Herwandani, MD Koerniawan
Journal of Building Engineering 24, 100745, 2019
Underground buildings-Potential in terms of energy reduction
C Van Dronkelaar, J Hensen, D Cóstola, R Mangkuto
MSc. Thesis, Department of the Built Environment, Eindhoven University of …, 2013
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