Ahmad Faizal
Ahmad Faizal
Assistant Professor at Institut Teknologi Bandung
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Saponins and their role in biological processes in plants
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Phytochemistry Reviews 12 (4), 877-893, 2013
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Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity 21 (5), 2020
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Secondary metabolite profiles in the methanolic extract of Leucobryum javense isolated from tropical montane forest in West Java, Indonesia
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Dataset on volatile compounds in susceptible and resistant chili variety to fruit fly infestation
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Transient Transformation of Potato Plant (Solanum tuberosum L.) Granola Cultivar Using Syringe Agroinfiltration
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A Faizal, K Foubert, E Lambert, N De Storme, M Claeys, S Apers, ...
Plant Growth Regulation 70 (1), 39-48, 2013
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