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The effect of blended project-based learning integrated with 21st-century skills on pre-service biology teachers' higher-order thinking skills
N Hujjatusnaini, AD Corebima, SR Prawiro, A Gofur
Jurnal Pendidikan IPA Indonesia 11 (1), 104-118, 2022
Effect of Ramadan fasting on the ability of serum, PBMC and macrophages from healthy subjects to kill M. tuberculosis
A Lahdimawan, K Handono, MR Indra, SR Prawiro
IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences (IOSR-JPBS) 9 (1), 24-9, 2014
High dose of N-acetylcysteine increase H₂O₂ and MDA levels and decrease GSH level of HUVECs exposed with malaria serum.
LE Fitri, TW Sardjono, D Simamora, RP Sumarno, SK Setyawati
Tropical biomedicine 28 (1), 7-15, 2011
Effect of Ramadan fasting on classically activated, oxidative stress and inflammation of macrophage
A Lahdimawan, K Handono, MR Indra, SR Prawiro
IOSR Journal of Pharmacy 3 (4), 14-22, 2013
Detection of molecule adhesion sub-unit pili 48 kDa Salmonella Typhi by immunochemistry method using sera patients suffering from typhoid fever
RP Sumarno, U Yanuhar, S Winarsih, S Islam, S Santoso
J Basic Appl Sci Res 2 (9), 8527-32, 2012
Antibody protein hemagglutinin subunit pili with mw 49, 8 kda shigella dysenteriae can inhibit shigella dysenteriae adhesion on mice enterocyte
W Agustina, LE Fitri, T Yudani, B Siswanto, RP Sumarno
IOSR Journal of Pharmacy 2 (5), 13-20, 2012
Effect of Ramadan fasting on endorphin and endocannabinoid level in serum, PBMC and macrophage
A Lahdimawan
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Invention, 2013
White pepper extract (Piper nigrum L.) as antibacterial agent for Streptococcus mutans in vitro
YO Sidarta, N Prasetyaningrum, D Fitriani, SR Prawiro
Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences 4 (6), 25-29, 2013
Combinations of protein sub-unit PILI 37.8 KDA V. Cholerae with Cholera toxin sub-unit B V. Cholerae can protect come out of the solution in the intestinal mice
RP Sumarno, G Ismanoe, G Wienarsih
J Pharm Biomed Sci 1, 154-160, 2011
Identification of Hemagglutinin Protein from Streptococcus pneumoniae Pili as a Vaccine Candidate by Proteomic Analysis.
DC Mufida, K Handono, SR Prawiro, S Santoso
Turkish Journal of Immunology 6 (1), 2018
Antibodies against Shigella flexneri adhesion molecule outer membrane protein (OMP) can cross-react with OMPs of some Shigella species
A Milliana, AS Noorhamdani, S Poeranto, K Handono, SR Prawiro, ...
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 16 (2), 255-261, 2017
Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA increases vitamin D receptor mRNA expression and the production of nitric oxide and cathelicidin in human monocytes
S Siswanto, L Zuhriyah, K Handono, LE Fitri, SR Prawiro
The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences: MJMS 22 (3), 18, 2015
Haemaglutination of Shigella dysenteriae subunit pili protein with anti-haemaglutination of S. dysenteriae subunit pili protein as a molecule adhesion in mouse enterocytes
RP Sumarno, AS Avanita, S Winarsih, S Hidayat, DY Nurhidayati
African Journal of Microbiology Research 9 (11), 781-787, 2015
Generating the responses immune with honey, Saussurea costus, and Nigella sativa in cellular and humoral may resolve COVID-19
SR Prawiro, K Anam, B Prabowo, R Bramanthi, AA Fitrianingsih, ...
Syst. Rev. Pharm 12 (1), 1588-1593, 2021
AdhO36 liposomes from Salmonella Typhi in combination with β-Glucan Immuno-adjuvant From Candida albicans cell wall as oral vaccine against typhoid fever in mice model
H Rachmawati, S Winarsih, SR Prawiro, W Barlianto, S Santoso, ...
Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences 8 (A), 441-448, 2020
Shigella flexneri vaccine development: Oral administration of peptides derived from the 49.8 kDa pili protein subunit activates the intestinal immune response in mice
K Anam, AT Endharti, S Poeranto, H Sujuti, DYN Hidayati, SR Prawiro
Veterinary World 15 (2), 281, 2022
Therapeutic effect of statins and LPS antibody on proinflammatory mediator and biochemical markers of sepsis rat model induced by E. coli
D Samudra, SR Prawiro, S Santoso, AA Asmoro, H Khotimah, ANM Ansori, ...
Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 14 (3), 1852-1856, 2020
Improvement of Th17/Treg balance and Asthma Control Test score by Nigella sativa supplementation in asthmatic children: a new approach to managing asthma.
W Barlianto, D Wulandari, M Chusniyah, HMS Kusuma, SR Prawiro
Turkish Journal of Immunology 6 (1), 2018
Cross immunity among the 49.8 KDa pili subunit hemagglutinin proteins and 7.9 KDa pili subunit anti hemagglutinin proteins of Shigella spp
K Anam, HTE Nurdiana, TE Hernowati, S Hidayat, RP Sumarno
International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research 7 (2), 19-30, 2016
Molecular modeling for revealing cross-reaction antibody with Staphylococcus aureus and human spermatozoa protein
M Anas, DH Utomo, E Widjajanto, SR Prawiro, A Aulani'am, I Wiyasa
International Journal of ChemTech Research 9 (1), 233-239, 2016
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