Ahmad Fakhri Ab. Nasir
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Current Status, Challenges, and Possible Solutions of EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface: A Comprehensive Review
M Rashid, N Sulaiman, APPA Majeed, RM Musa, AFA Nasir, BS Bari, ...
Frontiers in neurorobotics 14, 2020
A real-time approach of diagnosing rice leaf disease using deep learning-based faster R-CNN framework
BS Bari, MN Islam, M Rashid, MJ Hasan, MAM Razman, RM Musa, ...
PeerJ Computer Science 7, e432, 2021
A study of image processing in agriculture application under high performance computing environment
AFA Nasir, MNA Rahman, AR Mamat
International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunications 3 (8), 16-24, 2012
A machine learning approach of predicting high potential archers by means of physical fitness indicators
RM Musa, APPA Majeed, Z Taha, SW Chang, AFA Nasir, MR Abdullah
PLoS One 14 (1), 2019
Technical and tactical performance indicators discriminating winning and losing team in elite Asian beach soccer tournament
R Muazu Musa, A PP Abdul Majeed, MR Abdullah, AF Ab. Nasir, ...
PLOS ONE 14 (6), e0219138, 2019
The classification of motor imagery response: an accuracy enhancement through the ensemble of random subspace k-NN
M Rashid, BS Bari, MJ Hasan, MAM Razman, RM Musa, AF Ab Nasir, ...
PeerJ Computer Science 7, e374, 2021
Evaluation of the machine learning classifier in wafer defects classification
JAM Jizat, APPA Majeed, AFA Nasir, Z Taha, E Yuen
ICT Express 7 (4), 535-539, 2021
Text-based emotion prediction system using machine learning approach
AFA Nasir, ES Nee, CS Choong, ASA Ghani, APPA Majeed, A Adam, ...
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 769 (1), 012022, 2020
Integration of enhanced background filtering and wavelet fusion for high visibility and detection rate of deep sea underwater image of underwater vehicle
ASA Ghani, AFA Nasir, WFW Tarmizi
2017 5th International Conference on Information and Communication …, 2017
Automatic identification of Ficus deltoidea Jack (Moraceae) varieties based on leaf
AFA Nasir, MNA Rahman, N Mat, AR Mamat
Modern Applied Science 8 (5), 121, 2014
Autonomous Tomato Harvesting Robotic System in Greenhouses: Deep Learning Classification
OP Toon, MA Zakaria, AFA Nasir, APPA Majeed, CY Tan, LCY Ng
Mekatronika 1 (1), 80-86, 2019
Effect of load distribution on longitudinal and lateral forces acting on each wheel of a compact electric vehicle
B Kunjunni, MA bin Zakaria, APP Majeed, AFA Nasir, MHB Peeie, ...
SN Applied Sciences 2 (2), 1-8, 2020
The diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy: a transfer learning with support vector machine approach
FNM Noor, WH Mohd Isa, IM Khairuddin, MAM Razman, JAM Jizat, ...
Advances in Robotics, Automation and Data Analytics: Selected Papers from …, 2021
Automated Face Detection Using Skin Color Segmentation and Viola-Jones Algorithm
AFA Nasir, ASA Ghani, MA Zakaria, APPA Majeed, AN Ibrahim
Mekatronika 1 (1), 58-63, 2019
Automated egg grading system using computer vision: Investigation on weight measure versus shape parameters
AF Ab Nasir, SS Sabarudin, APPA Majeed, ASA Ghani
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 342 (1), 012003, 2018
Comparison of Support Vector Machine and Friis Equation For Identification of Pallet-Level Tagging Using RFID Signal
CC Sern, AFA Nasir, APPA Majeed, MA Zakaria, MAM Razman, A Azmi
2020 IEEE 10th Symposium on Computer Applications & Industrial Electronics …, 2020
Automatic identification and Categorize Zone of RFID reading in Warehouse Management System
CS Choong, AFA Nasir, APPA Majeed, MA Zakaria, MAM Razman
Advances in Mechatronics, Manufacturing, and Mechanical Engineering, 194-206, 2020
Smart Waste Management System (SWMS) based on Internet of Things (IoT)
A Kishendran, L Muniandy, AFA Nasir, NH Razak, A Adam, MA Zakaria
Proceedings of the Symposium on Electrical, Mechatronics and Applied Science …, 2018
Image Segmentation Using OpenMP and Its Application in Plant Species Classification
MNA Rahman, AFA Nasir, N Mat, A Rasid
International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications 9 (5 …, 2015
Machine Learning Approach in Identifying Speed Breakers for Autonomous Driving: An Overview
CS Choong, AFA Nasir, APPA Majeed, MA Zakaria, MAM Razman
RITA 2018, 409-424, 2019
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