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Sandip Kamath
Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine
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EAACI molecular allergology user's guide
PM Matricardi, J Kleine‐Tebbe, HJ Hoffmann, R Valenta, C Hilger, ...
Pediatric Allergy and Immunology 27, 1-250, 2016
Impact of heat processing on the detection of the major shellfish allergen tropomyosin in crustaceans and molluscs using specific monoclonal antibodies
SD Kamath, AMA Rahman, T Komoda, AL Lopata
Food chemistry 141 (4), 4031-4039, 2013
Seafood allergy: A comprehensive review of fish and shellfish allergens
T Ruethers, AC Taki, EB Johnston, R Nugraha, TTK Le, T Kalic, ...
Molecular immunology 100, 28-57, 2018
Effect of heat processing on antibody reactivity to allergen variants and fragments of black tiger prawn: A comprehensive allergenomic approach
SD Kamath, AMA Rahman, A Voskamp, T Komoda, JM Rolland, ...
Molecular nutrition & food research 58 (5), 1144-1155, 2014
Biomolecular characterization of allergenic proteins in snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) and de novo sequencing of the second allergen arginine kinase using tandem mass spectrometry
AMA Rahman, SD Kamath, AL Lopata, JJ Robinson, RJ Helleur
Journal of proteomics 74 (2), 231-241, 2011
Analysis of the allergenic proteins in black tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) and characterization of the major allergen tropomyosin using mass spectrometry
AMA Rahman, S Kamath, AL Lopata, RJ Helleur
Rapid communications in mass spectrometry 24 (16), 2462-2470, 2010
IgE Reactivity of Blue Swimmer Crab (Portunus pelagicus) Tropomyosin, Por p 1, and Other Allergens; Cross-Reactivity with Black Tiger Prawn and Effects of Heating
JB Abramovitch, S Kamath, N Varese, C Zubrinich, AL Lopata, RE O'Hehir, ...
PLoS One 8 (6), e67487, 2013
Comprehensive proteomics approach in characterizing and quantifying allergenic proteins from northern shrimp: toward better occupational asthma prevention
AM Abdel Rahman, SD Kamath, S Gagné, AL Lopata, R Helleur
Journal of proteome research 12 (2), 647-656, 2013
Allergens and molecular diagnostics of shellfish allergy
AL Lopata, J Kleine-Tebbe, SD Kamath
Allergo journal 25 (7), 24-32, 2016
Antibody reactivity to the major fish allergen parvalbumin is determined by isoforms and impact of thermal processing
SR Saptarshi, MF Sharp, SD Kamath, AL Lopata
Food chemistry 148, 321-328, 2014
Molecular and immunological approaches in quantifying the air-borne food allergen tropomyosin in crab processing facilities
SD Kamath, MR Thomassen, SR Saptarshi, HMX Nguyen, L Aasmoe, ...
International journal of hygiene and environmental health 217 (7), 740-750, 2014
Rapid and comprehensive discovery of unreported shellfish allergens using large-scale transcriptomic and proteomic resources
R Nugraha, SD Kamath, E Johnston, KR Zenger, JM Rolland, RE O'Hehir, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 141 (4), 1501-1504. e8, 2018
Shellfish allergy diagnosis-gaps and needs
AL Lopata, S Kamath
Current Allergy & Clinical Immunology 25 (2), 60-66, 2012
Immunological cross-reactivity between four distant parvalbumins—impact on allergen detection and diagnostics
MF Sharp, JN Stephen, L Kraft, T Weiss, SD Kamath, AL Lopata
Molecular immunology 63 (2), 437-448, 2015
Tus-Ter-lock immuno-PCR assays for the sensitive detection of tropomyosin-specific IgE antibodies
EB Johnston, SD Kamath, AL Lopata, PM Schaeffer
Bioanalysis 6 (4), 465-476, 2014
Variability of allergens in commercial fish extracts for skin prick testing
T Ruethers, AC Taki, R Nugraha, TT Cao, M Koeberl, SD Kamath, ...
Allergy 74 (7), 1352-1363, 2019
Differential IgE binding to isoallergens from Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) in children and adults
MF Sharp, SD Kamath, M Koeberl, DR Jerry, RE O’Hehir, DE Campbell, ...
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Clinical management of seafood allergy
CM Davis, RS Gupta, ON Aktas, V Diaz, SD Kamath, AL Lopata
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice 8 (1), 37-44, 2020
IgE reactivity to shrimp allergens in infants and their cross-reactivity to house dust mite
SD Kamath, EB Johnston, S Iyer, PM Schaeffer, J Koplin, K Allen, ...
Pediatric allergy and immunology: official publication of the European …, 2017
Characterization of Ras k 1 a novel major allergen in Indian mackerel and identification of parvalbumin as the major fish allergen in 33 Asia‐Pacific fish species
T Ruethers, M Raith, MF Sharp, M Koeberl, JN Stephen, R Nugraha, ...
Clinical & Experimental Allergy 48 (4), 452-463, 2018
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