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Analyzing transport properties of p-type Mg 2 Si–Mg 2 Sn solid solutions: optimization of thermoelectric performance and insight into the electronic band structure
H Kamila, P Sahu, A Sankhla, M Yasseri, HN Pham, T Dasgupta, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (3), 1045-1054, 2019
Mechanical Alloying of Optimized Mg2(Si,Sn) Solid Solutions: Understanding Phase Evolution and Tuning Synthesis Parameters for Thermoelectric Applications
A Sankhla, A Patil, H Kamila, M Yasseri, N Farahi, E Mueller, J de Boor
ACS Applied Energy Materials 1 (2), 531-542, 2018
Ni and Ag electrodes for magnesium silicide based thermoelectric generators
NH Pham, N Farahi, H Kamila, A Sankhla, S Ayachi, E Müller, J de Boor
Materials today energy 11, 97-105, 2019
Synthesis of p-type Mg2Si1-xSnx with x= 0-1 and optimization of the synthesis parameters
H Kamila, A Sankhla, M Yasseri, NP Hoang, N Farahi, E Mueller, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 8, 546-555, 2019
Solid solution formation in Mg2 (Si, Sn) and shape of the miscibility gap
M Yasseri, A Sankhla, H Kamila, R Orenstein, DYN Truong, N Farahi, ...
Acta Materialia 185, 80-88, 2020
Analyzing thermoelectric transport in n-type Mg2Si0. 4Sn0. 6 and correlation with microstructural effects: An insight on the role of Mg
A Sankhla, H Kamila, K Kelm, E Mueller, J de Boor
Acta Materialia 199, 85-95, 2020
Systematic analysis of the interplay between synthesis route, microstructure, and thermoelectric performance in p-type Mg2Si0. 2Sn0. 8
H Kamila, GK Goyal, A Sankhla, P Ponnusamy, E Mueller, T Dasgupta, ...
Materials Today Physics 9, 100133, 2019
Non‐Rigid Band Structure in Mg2Ge for Improved Thermoelectric Performance
H Kamila, A Sankhla, M Yasseri, E Mueller, J de Boor
Advanced Science 7 (12), 2000070, 2020
On the role of Mg content in Mg2 (Si, Sn): Assessing its impact on electronic transport and estimating the phase width by in situ characterization and modelling
A Sankhla, H Kamila, H Naithani, E Mueller, J de Boor
Materials Today Physics 21, 100471, 2021
Insight on the interplay between synthesis conditions and thermoelectric properties of α-MgAgSb
J Camut, I Barber Rodriguez, H Kamila, A Cowley, R Sottong, E Mueller, ...
Materials 12 (11), 1857, 2019
Efficiency as a performance metric for material optimization in thermoelectric generators
P Ponnusamy, H Kamila, E Müller, J de Boor
Journal of Physics: Energy 3 (4), 044006, 2021
Establishing synthesis–composition–property relationships for enhanced and reproducible thermoelectric properties of MgAgSb
A Duparchy, L Millerand, J Camut, S Tumminello, H Kamila, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10 (40), 21716-21726, 2022
Experimental investigation of the predicted band structure modification of Mg2X (X: Si, Sn) thermoelectric materials due to scandium addition
A Sankhla, M Yasseri, H Kamila, E Mueller, J de Boor
Journal of Applied Physics 125 (22), 2019
Comparing Raman mapping and electron microscopy for characterizing compositional gradients in thermoelectric materials
M Yasseri, D Schüpfer, M Weinhold, L Chen, H Kamila, E Mueller, ...
Scripta Materialia 179, 61-64, 2020
Usefulness of mesoporous silica as a template for the preparation of bundles of Bi nanowires with precisely controlled diameter below 10 nm
M Kitahara, H Kamila, A Shimojima, H Wada, T Mori, I Terasaki, K Kuroda
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 11 (6), 900-905, 2016
Raman Spectroscopic Study of the Optical Phonons of Mg2Si1−xSnx Solid Solutions
M Yasseri, D Schüpfer, L Chen, H Kamila, E Müller, J de Boor, PJ Klar
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 14 (3), 1900574, 2020
Understanding the dopability of p-type Mg2 (Si, Sn) by relating hybrid-density functional calculation results to experimental data
H Kamila, B Ryu, S Ayachi, A Sankhla, E Mueller, J de Boor
Journal of Physics: Energy 4 (3), 035001, 2022
Optimization of the Thermoelectric Properties of p-Type Mg2–yLiyGe1–xSnx and Mg2–yLiyGe1–zSiz with x, z = 0.1 and 0.2
V Galwadu Arachchige, H Kamila, A Sankhla, L Millerand, S Tumminello, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (6), 5533-5542, 2021
Determining the optimal carrier concentrations and compositions in p-type magnesium silicide stannide using exact efficiency
P Ponnusamy, H Kamila, E Müller, J de Boor
From basic transport properties to device efficiency: integrated performance prediction based on the Boltzmann transport equation
P Ponnusamy, H Kamila, E Müller, J de Boor
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