Cary Stothart
Cary Stothart
U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
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The pervasive problem with placebos in psychology: Why active control groups are not sufficient to rule out placebo effects
WR Boot, DJ Simons, C Stothart, C Stutts
Perspectives on Psychological Science 8 (4), 445-454, 2013
The attentional cost of receiving a cell phone notification.
C Stothart, A Mitchum, C Yehnert
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Improving the safety of aging road users: a mini-review
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Predictors of attitudes toward autonomous vehicles: The roles of age, gender, prior knowledge, and personality
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Is the effect of aerobic exercise on cognition a placebo effect?
CR Stothart, DJ Simons, WR Boot, AF Kramer
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Using Mechanical Turk to assess the effects of age and spatial proximity on inattentional blindness
CR Stothart, WR Boot, DJ Simons
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Clarifying the role of target similarity, task relevance and feature-based suppression during sustained inattentional blindness
T Drew, C Stothart
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The costs (or benefits) associated with attended objects do little to influence inattentional blindness
CR Stothart, TJ Wright, DJ Simons, WR Boot
Acta psychologica 173, 101-105, 2017
Satisfaction in motion: Subsequent search misses are more likely in moving search displays
C Stothart, A Clement, JR Brockmole
Psychonomic bulletin & review 25 (1), 409-415, 2018
What to where: The Right Attention Set for the Wrong Location
C Stothart, DJ Simons, WR Boot, TJ Wright
Perception, 2019
Action video game experience does not predict multiple object tracking performance
C Stothart, W Boot, D Simons, A Beyko
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Aging driver and pedestrian safety: parking lot hazards study.
N Charness
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Attention capture, processing speed, and inattentional blindness
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Exploring the effects of video game experience and motivation on visual processing
A Beyko, C Stothart, W Boot
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Driving Simulator Studies of the Effectiveness of Countermeasures to Prevent Wrong-Way Crashes
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Aging road user studies of intersection safety.
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Aging road user, bicyclist, and pedestrian safety: effective bicycling signs and preventing left-turn crashes.
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Florida. Dept. of Transportation, 2013
“Satisfaction” in Search: Individuals’ Own Search Expectations Predict Their Errors in Multiple-Target Search
C Stothart, JR Brockmole
Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 2019
Semantic associations do not modulate the visual awareness of objects
A Clement, C Stothart, T Drew, JR Brockmole
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 72 (5), 1224-1232, 2019
Age effects on inattentional blindness: implications for driving
C Stothart, W Boot, D Simons, N Charness, T Wright
International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population, 441-448, 2016
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