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Martin Saunders
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Magnetite nanoparticle dispersions stabilized with triblock copolymers
LA Harris, JD Goff, AY Carmichael, JS Riffle, JJ Harburn, TG St. Pierre, ...
Chemistry of Materials 15 (6), 1367-1377, 2003
Microfossils of sulphur-metabolizing cells in 3.4-billion-year-old rocks of Western Australia
D Wacey, MR Kilburn, M Saunders, J Cliff, MD Brasier
Nature Geoscience 4 (10), 698-702, 2011
Determination of lattice polarity for growth of GaN bulk single crystals and epitaxial layers
FA Ponce, DP Bour, WT Young, M Saunders, JW Steeds
Applied physics letters 69, 337, 1996
Effect of particle size on the photocatalytic activity of nanoparticulate zinc oxide
AC Dodd, AJ McKinley, M Saunders, T Tsuzuki
Journal of nanoparticle research 8 (1), 43-51, 2006
A selective laser melting and solution heat treatment refined Al–12Si alloy with a controllable ultrafine eutectic microstructure and 25% tensile ductility
XP Li, XJ Wang, M Saunders, A Suvorova, LC Zhang, YJ Liu, MH Fang, ...
Acta Materialia 95, 74-82, 2015
Clusters of iron-rich cells in the upper beak of pigeons are macrophages not magnetosensitive neurons
CD Treiber, MC Salzer, J Riegler, N Edelman, C Sugar, M Breuss, ...
Nature 484 (7394), 367-370, 2012
Lüders-like deformation associated with stress-induced martensitic transformation in NiTi
G Tan, Y Liu, P Sittner, M Saunders
Scripta materialia 50 (2), 193-198, 2004
Naturally occurring gold nanoparticles and nanoplates
RM Hough, RRP Noble, GJ Hitchen, R Hart, SM Reddy, M Saunders, ...
Geology 36 (7), 571-574, 2008
Uptake and cytotoxicity of chitosan nanoparticles in human liver cells
JW Loh, G Yeoh, M Saunders, LY Lim
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 249 (2), 148-157, 2010
Changing the picture of Earth's earliest fossils (3.5–1.9 Ga) with new approaches and new discoveries
MD Brasier, J Antcliffe, M Saunders, D Wacey
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (16), 4859-4864, 2015
Clay-sized minerals in permafrost-affected soils (Cryosols) from King George Island, Antarctica
FNB Simas, CEGR Schaefer, VF Melo, MBB Guerra, M Saunders, ...
Clays and clay minerals 54 (6), 721-736, 2006
Magnesium oxide as a candidate high-κ gate dielectric
L Yan, CM Lopez, RP Shrestha, EA Irene, AA Suvorova, M Saunders
Applied physics letters 88 (14), 142901, 2006
Mechanochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline SnO2–ZnO photocatalysts
A Dodd, A McKinley, M Saunders, T Tsuzuki
Nanotechnology 17, 692, 2006
Atomically Dispersed Transition Metals on Carbon Nanotubes with Ultrahigh Loading for Selective Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Y Cheng, S Zhao, B Johannessen, JP Veder, M Saunders, MR Rowles, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (13), 1706287, 2018
Size selective synthesis of superparamagnetic nanoparticles in thin fluids under continuous flow conditions
SF Chin, KS Iyer, CL Raston, M Saunders
Advanced Functional Materials 18 (6), 922-927, 2008
Heteroatom (N or N‐S)‐Doping Induced Layered and Honeycomb Microstructures of Porous Carbons for CO2 Capture and Energy Applications
W Tian, H Zhang, H Sun, A Suvorova, M Saunders, M Tade, S Wang
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (47), 8651-8661, 2016
Multimodal analysis of PEI-mediated endocytosis of nanoparticles in neural cells
CW Evans, M Fitzgerald, TD Clemons, MJ House, BS Padman, JA Shaw, ...
ACS nano 5 (11), 8640-8648, 2011
Structural and magnetic properties of oxidatively stable cobalt nanoparticles encapsulated in graphite shells
MA Zalich, VV Baranauskas, JS Riffle, M Saunders, TG St. Pierre
Chemistry of materials 18 (11), 2648-2655, 2006
Measurement of low-order structure factors for silicon from zone-axis CBED patterns
M Saunders, DM Bird, NJ Zaluzec, WG Burgess, AR Preston, ...
Ultramicroscopy 60 (2), 311-323, 1995
Surface-tailored nanodiamonds as excellent metal-free catalysts for organic oxidation
X Duan, Z Ao, D Li, H Sun, L Zhou, A Suvorova, M Saunders, G Wang, ...
Carbon 103, 404-411, 2016
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