Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra
Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra
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Arsitektur rumah tradisional Bali: berdasarkan asta kosala-kosali
NKA Dwijendra
Kerjasama Bali Media Adhikarsa [dengan] Udayana University Press, 2008
Perumahan dan permukiman tradisional Bali
NKA Dwijendra, N Ketut
Jurnal Permukiman “Natah 1 (1), 8-24, 2003
Arsitektur & kebudayaan Bali kuno
NKA Dwijendra
(No Title), 2009
Innovative work behaviors in pharmacies of Indonesia: role of employee voice, generational diversity management and employee engagement
WO Sifatu, H Sjahruddin, Y Fajriah, NK Dwijendra, A Santoso
Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy 11 (2), 725-734, 2020
A new commodity distribution approach based on asymmetric traveler salesman using ant colony algorithm
TH Harahap, NKA Dwijendra, SIS Al-Hawary, AH Iswanto, NM Ahmed, ...
Industrial Engineering & Management Systems 21 (3), 538-546, 2022
Operation of the multiple energy system with optimal coordination of the consumers in energy market
NKA Dwijendra, IGNK Arsana, SIS Al-Hawary, AS Prakaash, RMR Parra, ...
Environmental and Climate Technologies 27 (1), 1-13, 2023
Modeling social impacts of high-rise residential buildings during the post-occupancy phase using DEMATEL method: A case study
NKA Dwijendra, R Akhmadeev, D Tumanov, M Kosov, S Shoar, A Banaitis
Buildings 11 (11), 504, 2021
Arsitektur bangunan suci Hindu
NKA Dwijendra
Kerjasama Bali Media Adhikarsa [dengan] Udayana University Press, 2008
& Tikhomirov, E.(2022). Assessment of groundwater quality and their vulnerability to pollution using GQI and DRASTIC indices
S Mardiana, R Anzum, NKA Dwijendra, AAM Al Sarraf, A Timoshin, ...
Journal of Water and Land Development, 138-142, 0
Visual exploration using acrylic paint on used fashion items for sustainable use
MV Yogantari, NKA Dwijendra
International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation 24 (03), 2574-2579, 2020
Multi project scheduling and material planning using Lagrangian relaxation algorithm
AAA Ahmed, NKA Dwijendra, NB Bynagari, AK Modenov, M Kavitha, ...
Industrial Engineering & Management Systems 20 (4), 580-587, 2021
From tradition to modernization in morphological process of indigenous settlement patterns in Bali, Indonesia
NKA Dwijendra
International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 29 (8), 856-868, 2020
Meru as a hindu sacred building architecture with a high roof and resistant to earthquakes in Bali, Indonesia
NKA Dwijendra
Philosophy 16 (24), 46, 2020
How traditional Balinese houses can adjust and cater for international tourist in the Canggu area, Bali Indonesia
NPS Nurjani, NKA Dwijendra
International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation 24 (03), 2561-2573, 2020
Production, structural properties nano biochar and effects nano biochar in soil: a review
B Abed Hussein, AB Mahdi, S Emad Izzat, NK Acwin Dwijendra, ...
Egyptian Journal of Chemistry 65 (12), 607-618, 2022
I Putu Gede Suyoga (2020). Analyze of Symbolic Violence Practices in Balinese Vernacular Architecture, Bali Indonesia
NKA Dwijendra
International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 13 (5), 2020
Carbonyl sulfide gas detection by pure, Zn-and Cd-decorated AlP nano-sheet
NKA Dwijendra, I Patra, YM Ahmed, YM Hasan, ZM Najm, ...
Monatshefte Für Chemie-Chemical Monthly 153 (10), 873-880, 2022
Identity struggle perspective in car-shaped shrine in paluang temple, nusa penida bali, Indonesia
NKA Dwijendra
International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation 24 (4), 5579-5591, 2020
Economic performance of a hybrid renewable energy system with optimal design of resources
NKA Dwijendra, S Sharma, AR Asary, A Majdi, I Muda, DA Mutlak, ...
Environmental and Climate Technologies 26 (1), 441-453, 2022
Engineering of novel Fe-based bulk metallic glasses using a machine learning-based approach
TC Chen, R Rajiman, M Elveny, JWG Guerrero, AI Lawal, NKA Dwijendra, ...
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 46, 12417-12425, 2021
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