Prof. Anwar Mallongi, SKM., MSc.,Ph.D
Prof. Anwar Mallongi, SKM., MSc.,Ph.D
Department of Environmental Health, Hasanuddin University
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Ecological risks of contaminated lead and the potential health risks among school children in Makassar coastal area, Indonesia.
RLAABB Anwar Mallongi
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Assessment of Mercury Accumulation in Dry Deposition, Surface Soil and Rice Grain in Luwuk Gold Mine, Central Sulawesi.
AH Mallongi
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Analysis of Risk on the Incidence of Scabies Personal Hygiene in Boarding School Darul Arqam Gombara Makassar.
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Bank Sampah Sebagai Salah Satu Solusi Penanganan Sampah Di Kota Makassar
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Forecasting of dengue disease incident risks using non-stationary spatial of geostatistics model in bone regency Indonesia
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The influence of media booklet in behavior change of waste management in elementary school students, South Denpasar, Bali
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Understanding the Perspectives of Village Leaders and Institutions in Transforming Social Conflict into Peace and Health.
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Proxy model of comorbidities with stroke incident in South Sulawesi
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Lalu Muhammad saleh, Devintha Virani, Ade Wira Listrianti Latief, Anwar Mallongi., The Investigation of the Lactic Acid Change among employee of national electrical Power Plan
SS Russeng
Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 9 (1), 2018
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