Didik Huswo Utomo
Didik Huswo Utomo
Department of Applied Biosciences, Nagoya University, Japan
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Dikutip oleh
Revealing the potency of Annona muricata leaves extract as FOXO1 inhibitor for diabetes mellitus treatment through computational study
DS Damayanti, DH Utomo, C Kusuma
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Identifications small molecules inhibitor of p53-mortalin complex for cancer drug using virtual screening
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Epitope mapping of gp350/220 conserved domain of epstein barr virus to develop nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc) vaccine
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Evaluating the potency of active compounds from Eurycoma longifolia jack roots extract as prostate cancer therapy
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Drug Invention Today| Vol 10• Issue 12• 2018 2374 Evaluating the potency of …, 2018
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lncRNA-based study of epigenetic regulations in diabetic peripheral neuropathy
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Genetic relationship of Sardinella lemuru from lombok strait with fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid
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The C29–C34 parts of antitumor macrolide aplyronine A serve as versatile actin-affinity tags
DH Utomo, A Fujieda, K Tanaka, M Takahashi, K Futaki, K Tanabe, ...
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A Computational Study to Predict Wound Healing Agents from the Peel of the Mangosteen Garcinia mangostana L.) Extract
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Catalytic Properties of Caseinolytic Protease Subunit of Plasmodium knowlesi and Its Inhibition by a Member of δ-Lactone, Hyptolide
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Analisis In Silico pada VCO untuk Terapi Dermatitis Atopik
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Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2 activation mediated by PRKCA in increasing Ca2+ intracellular in diabetic condition
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Molecular interaction of zp3 to zp3r reveals a cross-species fertilization mechanism
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Low-grade intestinal metaplasia in Indonesia: Insights into the expression of proinflammatory cytokines during Helicobacter pylori infection and unique East-Asian CagA …
M Miftahussurur, RI Alfaray, KA Fauzia, A Dewayani, D Doohan, ...
Cytokine 163, 156122, 2023
Binding Mode of Actin–aplyronine A–tubulin Heterotrimeric Complex Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
DH Utomo, M Kita
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 2023
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