Ashton Bradley
Ashton Bradley
Department of Physics, University of Otago
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Spontaneous vortices in the formation of Bose–Einstein condensates
CN Weiler, TW Neely, DR Scherer, AS Bradley, MJ Davis, BP Anderson
Nature 455 (7215), 948, 2008
Dynamics and statistical mechanics of ultra-cold Bose gases using c-field techniques
PB Blakie, AS Bradley, MJ Davis, RJ Ballagh, CW Gardiner
Advances in Physics 57 (5), 363-455, 2008
Observation of vortex dipoles in an oblate Bose-Einstein condensate
TW Neely, EC Samson, AS Bradley, MJ Davis, BP Anderson
Physical Review Letters 104 (16), 160401, 2010
Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Quantum Turbulence in a Compressible Superfluid
TW Neely, AS Bradley, EC Samson, SJ Rooney, TM Wright, KJH Law, ...
Physical Review Letters 111, 235301, 2013
Energy spectra of vortex distributions in two-dimensional quantum turbulence
AS Bradley, BP Anderson
Physical Review X 2 (4), 041001, 2012
Inverse energy cascade in forced two-dimensional quantum turbulence
MT Reeves, TP Billam, BP Anderson, AS Bradley
Physical review letters 110 (10), 104501, 2013
Bose-Einstein condensation from a rotating thermal cloud: Vortex nucleation and lattice formation
AS Bradley, CW Gardiner, MJ Davis
Physical Review A 77 (3), 033616, 2008
Decay of a quantum vortex: Test of nonequilibrium theories for warm Bose-Einstein condensates
SJ Rooney, AS Bradley, PB Blakie
Physical Review A 81 (2), 023630, 2010
Bright tripartite entanglement in triply concurrent parametric oscillation
AS Bradley, MK Olsen, O Pfister, RC Pooser
Physical Review A 72, 053805, 2005
Onsager-Kraichnan Condensation in Decaying Two-Dimensional Quantum Turbulence
TP Billam, MT Reeves, BP Anderson, AS Bradley
Physical Review Letters 112, 145301, 2014
Numerical representation of quantum states in the positive-P and Wigner representations
MK Olsen, AS Bradley
Optics Communications 282 (19), 3924-3929, 2009
Suppression of Kelvon-induced decay of quantized vortices in oblate Bose-Einstein condensates
SJ Rooney, PB Blakie, BP Anderson, AS Bradley
Physical Review A 84 (2), 023637, 2011
Classical and quantum regimes of two-dimensional turbulence in trapped Bose-Einstein condensates
MT Reeves, BP Anderson, AS Bradley
Physical Review A 86 (5), 053621, 2012
Asymmetric polychromatic tripartite entanglement from interlinked χ (2) parametric interactions
MK Olsen, AS Bradley
Physical Review A 74 (6), 063809, 2006
Quantum depletion of collapsing Bose-Einstein condensates
S Wüster, BJ Dąbrowska-Wüster, AS Bradley, MJ Davis, PB Blakie, ...
Physical Review A 75 (4), 043611, 2007
Kibble-Zurek scaling and its breakdown for spontaneous generation of Josephson vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates
SW Su, SC Gou, A Bradley, O Fialko, J Brand
Physical review letters 110 (21), 215302, 2013
Identifying a superfluid Reynolds number via dynamical similarity
MT Reeves, TP Billam, BP Anderson, AS Bradley
Physical review letters 114 (15), 155302, 2015
Properties of the stochastic Gross–Pitaevskii equation: finite temperature Ehrenfest relations and the optimal plane wave representation
AS Bradley, PB Blakie, CW Gardiner
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 38 (23), 4259, 2005
Tripartite entanglement and threshold properties of coupled intracavity down-conversion and sum-frequency generation
C Pennarun, AS Bradley, MK Olsen
Physical Review A 76 (6), 063812, 2007
Quantum de Laval nozzle: Stability and quantum dynamics of sonic horizons in a toroidally trapped Bose gas containing a superflow
P Jain, AS Bradley, CW Gardiner
Physical Review A 76 (2), 023617, 2007
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