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Transmission electron microscopy investigation of dislocation slip during superelastic cycling of Ni–Ti wires
R Delville, B Malard, J Pilch, P Sittner, D Schryvers
International Journal of Plasticity 27 (2), 282-297, 2011
Microstructure changes during non-conventional heat treatment of thin Ni–Ti wires by pulsed electric current studied by transmission electron microscopy
R Delville, B Malard, J Pilch, P Sittner, D Schryvers
Acta Materialia 58 (13), 4503-4515, 2010
Precipitation strengthening in high manganese austenitic TWIP steels
C Scott, B Remy, JL Collet, A Cael, C Bao, F Danoix, B Malard, C Curfs
International Journal of Materials Research 102 (5), 538-549, 2011
In situ investigation of the fast microstructure evolution during electropulse treatment of cold drawn NiTi wires
B Malard, J Pilch, P Sittner, R Delville, C Curfs
Acta Materialia 59 (4), 1542-1556, 2011
Microstructure distribution in an AA2050 T34 friction stir weld and its evolution during post-welding heat treatment
B Malard, F De Geuser, A Deschamps
Acta Materialia 101, 90-100, 2015
Microstructure mapping of a friction stir welded AA2050 Al–Li–Cu in the T8 state
F De Geuser, B Malard, A Deschamps
Philosophical Magazine 94 (13), 1451-1462, 2014
Hydrogen trapping by VC precipitates and structural defects in a high strength Fe–Mn–C steel studied by small-angle neutron scattering
B Malard, B Remy, C Scott, A Deschamps, J Chêne, T Dieudonné, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 536, 110-116, 2012
In situ synchrotron analysis of lattice rotations in individual grains during stress-induced martensitic transformations in a polycrystalline CuAlBe shape memory alloy
S Berveiller, B Malard, J Wright, E Patoor, G Geandier
Acta Materialia 59 (9), 3636-3645, 2011
Microstructure and functional property changes in thin Ni–Ti wires heat treated by electric current—high energy X-ray and TEM investigations
B Malard, J Pilch, P Sittner, V Gartnerova, R Delville, D Schryvers, C Curfs
Functional Materials Letters 2 (02), 45-54, 2009
Residual stresses induced by laser welding process in the case of a dual-phase steel DP600: Simulation and experimental approaches
A Kouadri-Henni, C Seang, B Malard, V Klosek
Materials & Design 123, 89-102, 2017
Characterization and residual stress analysis of wear resistant Mo thermal spray-coated steel gear wheels
G Bruno, C Fanara, F Guglielmetti, B Malard
Surface and Coatings Technology 200 (14-15), 4266-4276, 2006
Advances in martensitic transformations in Cu-based shape memory alloys achieved by in situ neutron and synchrotron X-ray diffraction methods
B Malard, P Sittner, S Berveiller, E Patoor
Comptes Rendus Physique 13 (3), 280-292, 2012
Elastic properties of the α'martensitic phase in the Ti-6Al-4V alloy obtained by additive manufacturing
N Dumontet, D Connétable, B Malard, B Viguier
Scripta Materialia 167, 115-119, 2019
Direct sample positioning and alignment methodology for strain measurement by diffraction
N Ratel, DJ Hughes, A King, B Malard, Z Chen, P Busby, PJ Webster
Review of scientific instruments 76 (5), 055103, 2005
Chinese Script vs Plate-Like Precipitation of Beta-Al9Fe2Si2 Phase in an Al-6.5Si-1Fe Alloy
D Ferdian, C Josse, P Nguyen, N Gey, N Ratel-Ramond, P De Parseval, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46 (7), 2814-2818, 2015
Caractérisation multiéchelle par diffraction de neutrons et rayonnement synchrotron de la transformation martensitique sous contrainte dans un alliage à mémoire de forme CuAlBe
B Malard
Observation using synchrotron X-ray diffraction of the crystallographic evolution of α-titanium after oxygen diffusion
J Baillieux, D Poquillon, B Malard
Philosophical Magazine Letters 95 (5), 245-252, 2015
Oxidation behaviour of a CoNiCrAlY/h-BN based abradable coating
J Jońca, B Malard, J Soulié, T Sanviemvongsak, S Selezneff, AV Put
Corrosion Science 153, 170-177, 2019
High-Temperature Oxidation of a High Silicon SiMo Spheroidal Cast Iron in Air with In Situ Change in H2O Content
A Ebel, SY Brou, B Malard, J Lacaze, D Monceau, L Vaissière
Materials Science Forum 925, 353-360, 2018
Precipitation in Al-Cu-Li alloys: from the kinetics of T1 phase precipitation to microstructure development in friction stir welds
A Deschamps, F De Geuser, B Decreus, B Malard
ICAA13 Pittsburgh, 1145-1154, 2012
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