Husin Alatas
Husin Alatas
Professor of Physics, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia
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Preparation and optical properties study of CuO thin film as applied solar cell on LAPAN-IPB Satellite
M Dahrul, H Alatas
Procedia Environmental Sciences 33, 661-667, 2016
Dynamics of DNA breathing in the Peyrard–Bishop model with damping and external force
A Sulaiman, FP Zen, H Alatas, LT Handoko
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 241 (19), 1640-1647, 2012
Anharmonic oscillation effect on the Davydov-Scott monomer in a thermal bath
A Sulaiman, FP Zen, H Alatas, LT Handoko
Physical Review E 81 (6), 061907, 2010
Performance in real condition of photonic crystal sensor based NO2 gas monitoring system
M Rahmat, W Maulina, E Rustami, M Azis, DR Budiarti, KB Seminar, ...
Atmospheric environment 79, 480-485, 2013
The thermal denaturation of the Peyrard–Bishop model with an external potential
A Sulaiman, FP Zen, H Alatas, LT Handoko
Physica Scripta 86 (1), 015802, 2012
Rational solitons in deep nonlinear optical Bragg grating
H Alatas, AA Iskandar, MO Tjia, TP Valkering
Physical Review E 73 (6), 066606, 2006
Single-frequency refractive index sensor based on a finite one-dimensional photonic crystals with two defects
H Alatas, H Mayditia, H Hardhienata, AA Iskandar, MO Tjia
Japanese journal of applied physics 45 (8S), 6754, 2006
Characterization of Ba0. 55Sr0. 45TiO3 films as light and temperature sensors and its implementation on automatic drying system model
Irzaman, R Siskandar, Aminullah, Irmansyah, H Alatas
Integrated Ferroelectrics 168 (1), 130-150, 2016
Formation of solar cells based on (BST) ferroelectric thick film
Irzaman, H Syafutra, A Arif, H Alatas, MN Hilaluddin, A Kurniawan, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1586 (1), 24-34, 2014
Development of ferroelectric solar cells of barium strontium titanate (BaxSr1-xTiO3) for subtituting conventional battery in LAPAN-IPB satellite (LISAT)
IR Putra, H Syafutra, H Alatas
Procedia Environmental Sciences 33, 607-614, 2016
Analytic study of stationary solitons in deep nonlinear Bragg grating
H Alatas, AA Iskandar, MO Tjia, TP Valkering
Journal of nonlinear optical physics & materials 12 (02), 157-173, 2003
Development of a novel ozone gas sensor based on sol–gel fabricated photonic crystal
M Rahmat, W Maulina, DYN Miftah, N Sukmawati, E Rustami, M Azis, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 220, 53-61, 2014
Enhancement of Photon Absorption on Thin-Film Semiconductor Using Photonic Crystal
A Nuayi, H Alatas, IS Husein, M Rahmat
International Journal of Optics 2014, 2014
Application of a Boltzmann-entropy-like concept in an agent-based multilane traffic model
R Sugihakim, H Alatas
Physics Letters A 380 (1-2), 147-155, 2016
Low cost configuration of data acquisition system for wireless sensor network
M Rahmat, M Azis, E Rustami, W Maulina, KB Seminar, AS Yuwono, ...
Indonesia. International J. Eng. Technol 12 (02), 23-32, 2012
Optimization of thermal efficiency of cooking stove with rice-husk fuel in supporting the proliferation of alternative energy in indonesia
HD Irzaman, H Alatas, AD Irmansyah, MN Husin, HH Indro, K Abdullah, ...
Proceeding Symposium on Advanced Technological Development of Biomass …, 2009
Combined solitons in generalized coupled mode equations of a nonlinear optical Bragg grating
H Alatas
Physical Review A 76 (2), 023801, 2007
Rancang Bangun Wireless Sensor Network Berbasis Protokol Zigbee dan GSM untuk Sistem Pemantauan Polusi Udara
M Fuad
Institut Pertanian Bogor, 2015
Fabrication and characterization of NO2 gas sensor based on one dimensional photonic crystal for measurement of air pollution index
W Maulina, M Rahmat, E Rustami, M Azis, DR Budiarti, DYN Miftah, ...
2011 2nd International Conference on Instrumentation, Communications …, 2011
Application of lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) films as light sensor to monitor the light status in the Arduino Uno based energy-saving automatic light prototype and …
Irzaman, R Siskandar, N Nabilah, Aminullah, B Yuliarto, KA Hamam, ...
Ferroelectrics 524 (1), 44-55, 2018
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