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Deden Witarsyah Jacob Ph.D
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The Critical Factors Affecting E-Government Adoption in Indonesia: A Conceptual Framework
MAS Deden Witarsyah Jacob, Teddy Sjafrizal, Mohd Farhan MD Fudzee
International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information …, 2017
Modelling End-User of Electronic-Government Service: The Role of Information quality, System Quality and Trust
DW Jacob, MFM Fudzee, MA Salamat, S Kasim, H Mahdin, AA Ramli
Materials Science and Engineering, 2017
An application of rough set theory for clustering performance expectancy of Indonesian e-government dataset
DW Jacob, MFM Fudzee, MA Salamat, RR Saedudin, ITR Yanto, ...
International Conference on Soft Computing and Data Mining, 638-646, 2016
Mining significant association rules from on information and system quality of indonesian e-government dataset
DW Jacob, MFM Fudzee, MA Salamat, R Saedudin, Z Abdullah, ...
International Conference on Soft Computing and Data Mining, 608-618, 2016
A conceptual study on generic end users adoption of e-government services
D Witarsyah, MF Md Fudzee, MA Salamat
International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information …, 2017
Hotspots Forecasting Using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) for Detecting Forest Fires
AP Slavia, E Sutoyo, D Witarsyah
2019 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence …, 2019
Extending the UTAUT model to understand the citizens’ acceptance and use of electronic government in developing country: A structural equation modeling approach
DW Jacob, I Darmawan
2018 International Conference on Industrial Enterprise and System …, 2019
Comparison between the Stemmer Porter Effect and Nazief-Adriani on the Performance of Winnowing Algorithms for Measuring Plagiarism
A Rahmatulloh, NI Kurniati, I Darmawan, AZ Asyikin, DW Jacob
International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information …, 2019
Fast recognition method of moving video images based on BP neural networks
Y Shao, D Witarsyah
Open Physics 16 (1), 1024-1032, 2018
A review of the generic end-user adoption of e-government services
DW Jacob, MFM Fudzee, MA Salamat, T Herawan
International Review of Administrative Sciences 85 (4), 799-818, 2019
Soft Set Theory Based Decision Support System for Mining Electronic Government Dataset
D Witarsyah, MFM Fudzee, MA Salamat, ITR Yanto, J Abawajy
International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining (IJDWM) 16 (1), 39-62, 2020
Internet of things (IoT); security requirements, attacks and counter measures
M Imdad, DW Jacob, H Mahdin, Z Baharum, SM Shaharudin, MS Azmi
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 18 (3 …, 2020
A cloud computing separation model based on information flow
W Ma, H Li, D Witarsyah
Open Physics 17 (1), 128-134, 2019
Perancangan Tata Kelola Manajemen Teknologi Informasi Smk N 4 Bandung Menggunakan Framework Cobit 5 Domain Evaluate, Direct And Monitor (edm) & Build, Acquire And Implement (bai)
RS Aranov, D Witarsyah, L Abdurrahman
eProceedings of Engineering 5 (2), 2018
A Direct Proof of Improved Biased Random Walk with Gastric Cancer Dataset
CS Seah, S Kasim, MFM Fudzee, MS Mohamad, RR Saedudin, ...
2018 International Conference on Applied Mathematics & Computer Science …, 2018
Pengembangan Odoo Modul Warehouse Pada Gudang Pt. Tarumatex Menggunakan Metode Rapid Application Development
A Mustafri, D Witarsyah, RW Witjaksono
eProceedings of Engineering 3 (2), 2016
Perancangan E-business Di CV. Trimatra Unggul Sadaya Menggunakan Metode Quality Function Deployment Dan E-servqual
D Witarsyah, RP Soesanto, MM Kamil, RA Renadri
Jurnal Rekayasa Sistem & Industri (JRSI) 1 (01), 82-87, 2016
Pengembangan Aplikasi Web Manajemen Aset Pemerintahan Kabupaten Bandung Modul Inventarisasi, Penilaian, Penghapusan Menggunakan Metode Iterative Dan Incremental
AA Kurniawan, SA Putra, D Witarsyah
eProceedings of Engineering 2 (3), 2015
Effect of Methanol-Gasoline Blend and Ambient Pressure on Flame Propagation and Exhaust Emission of Spark Ignition (SI) Engine
MH Radzali, A Khalid, DW Jacob
Fuel, Mixture Formation and Combustion Process 2 (2), 2020
Live Migration using Checkpoint and Restore in Userspace (CRIU)
A Widjajarto, DW Jacob, M Lubis
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics 10 (2), 2020
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