Dr. Mahfuzah Mustafa
Dr. Mahfuzah Mustafa
Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang
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Development of automatic vehicle plate detection system
N Sulaiman, SNHM Jalani, M Mustafa, K Hawari
2013 IEEE 3rd International Conference on System Engineering and Technology …, 2013
Effects of solid waste and industrial effluents on water quality of Turag River at Konabari industrial area, Gazipur, Bangladesh
MS Islam, TR Tusher, M Mustafa, S Mahmud
Journal of environmental science and natural resources 5 (2), 213-218, 2012
Benchmark studies on Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch (ORPD) Based Multi-Objective Evolutionary Programming (MOEP) using Mutation Based on Adaptive Mutation Operator (AMO) and …
RS M. Morgan, N. R. H. Abdullah, M. H. Sulaiman, M. Mustafa
Journal of Electrical Systems 12 (1), 121-132, 2016
Comparison between KNN and ANN Classification in Brain Balancing Application via Spectrogram Image
NS M. Mustafa, M. N. Taib, Z. H. Murat
Journal of Computer Science & Computational Mathematics 2, 17-22, 2012
Forward kinematics of 3 degree of freedom delta robot
M Mustafa, R Misuari, H Daniyal
2007 5th Student Conference on Research and Development, 1-4, 2007
Optimization of integration model in family takaful
PL Ghazali, AN Mazlina, MT Izah, M Maslina, WI Zulqurnaim, M Mustafa
Applied Mathematical Sciences 9 (39), 1899-1909, 2015
The classification of EEG signal using different machine learning techniques for BCI application
M Rashid, N Sulaiman, M Mustafa, S Khatun, BS Bari
International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications …, 2018
Development of EEG-based stress index
N Sulaiman, MN Taib, S Lias, ZH Murat, SAM Aris, M Mustafa, NA Rashid
2012 International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICoBE), 461-466, 2012
EEG analysis for brainwave balancing index (BBI)
ZH Murat, MN Taib, S Lias, RSSA Kadir, N Sulaiman, M Mustafa
2010 2nd International Conference on Computational Intelligence …, 2010
The analysis of eeg spectrogram image for brainwave balancing application using ann
M Mustafa, MN Taib, ZH Murat, N Sulaiman, SAM Aris
2011 UkSim 13th International Conference on Computer Modelling and …, 2011
Finger application using K-Curvature method and Kinect sensor in real-time
MMNRHA M.Z.A.Bakar, R.Samad, D.Pebrianti
2015 International Symposium on Technology Management and Emerging …, 2015
The Conformity Between Brainwave Balancing Index (BBI) Using EEG and Psychoanalysis Test
MM Z. H. Murat, M. N. Taib, S. Lias, R. S. S. A. Kadir, N. Sulaiman
International Journal of Simulation Systems, Science & Technology 11, 86-92, 2010
A comparative study of conjugate gradient coefficient for unconstrained optimization
M Rivaie, M Mustafa, M Ismail, M Fauzi
Aus. J. Bas. Appl. Sci 5, 947-951, 2011
Initial experimental results of real-time variant pose face detection and tracking system
NB Zahir, R Samad, M Mustafa
2013 IEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing …, 2013
Glcm texture classification for eeg spectrogram image
M Mustafa, MN Taib, ZH Murat, NHA Hamid
2010 IEEE EMBS conference on biomedical engineering and sciences (IECBES …, 2010
Artificial neural network flood prediction for sungai isap residence
KC Keong, M Mustafa, AJ Mohammad, MH Sulaiman, NRH Abdullah
2016 IEEE International Conference on Automatic Control and Intelligent …, 2016
GLCM texture feature reduction for EEG spectrogram image using PCA
M Mustafa, MN Taib, ZH Murat, S Lias
2010 IEEE student conference on research and development (SCOReD), 426-429, 2010
Offline labview-based EEG signals analysis for human stress monitoring
N Sulaiman, BS Ying, M Mustafa, MS Jadin
2018 9th IEEE Control and System Graduate Research Colloquium (ICSGRC), 126-131, 2018
Channel selection for common spatial pattern Based on energy calculation of motor imagery EEG signal
H Fauzi, MI Shapiai, NA Setiawan, J Jaafar, M Mustafa
2017 International conference on control, electronics, renewable energy and …, 2017
Multi-objective evolutionary programming (MOEP) using mutation based on adaptive mutation operator (AMO) applied for optimal reactive power dispatch
M Morgan, NRH Abdullah, MH Sulaiman, M Mustafa, R Samad
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 11 (14), 1-20, 2016
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