Vanessa Peterson
Vanessa Peterson
Principal Research and Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist
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Selective Binding of O2 over N2 in a Redox–Active Metal–Organic Framework with Open Iron(II) Coordination Sites
ED Bloch, LJ Murray, WL Queen, S Chavan, SN Maximoff, JP Bigi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (37), 14814-14822, 2011
Neutron powder diffraction study of D2 sorption in Cu3 (1, 3, 5-benzenetricarboxylate) 2
VK Peterson, Y Liu, CM Brown, CJ Kepert
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (49), 15578-15579, 2006
Metal–organic frameworks with exceptionally high methane uptake: where and how is methane stored?
H Wu, JM Simmons, Y Liu, CM Brown, XS Wang, S Ma, VK Peterson, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 16 (17), 5205-5214, 2010
Negative Thermal Expansion in the Metal–Organic Framework Material Cu3(1,3,5‐benzenetricarboxylate)2
Y Wu, A Kobayashi, GJ Halder, VK Peterson, KW Chapman, N Lock, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (46), 8929-8932, 2008
Comprehensive study of carbon dioxide adsorption in the metal–organic frameworks M 2 (dobdc)(M= Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn)
WL Queen, MR Hudson, ED Bloch, JA Mason, MI Gonzalez, JS Lee, ...
Chemical Science 5 (12), 4569-4581, 2014
Structural changes in a commercial lithium-ion battery during electrochemical cycling: An in situ neutron diffraction study
N Sharma, VK Peterson, MM Elcombe, M Avdeev, AJ Studer, N Blagojevic, ...
Journal of Power Sources 195 (24), 8258-8266, 2010
Br‐Doped Li4Ti5O12 and Composite TiO2 Anodes for Li‐ion Batteries: Synchrotron X‐Ray and in situ Neutron Diffraction Studies
G Du, N Sharma, VK Peterson, JA Kimpton, D Jia, Z Guo
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (20), 3990-3997, 2011
Dynamic solubility limits in nanosized olivine LiFePO4
M Wagemaker, DP Singh, WJH Borghols, U Lafont, L Haverkate, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (26), 10222-10228, 2011
Elucidating negative thermal expansion in MOF-5
N Lock, Y Wu, M Christensen, LJ Cameron, VK Peterson, AJ Bridgeman, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (39), 16181-16186, 2010
Hydrogen adsorption in HKUST-1: a combined inelastic neutron scattering and first-principles study
CM Brown, Y Liu, T Yildirim, VK Peterson, CJ Kepert
Nanotechnology 20 (20), 204025, 2009
Direct evidence of concurrent solid-solution and two-phase reactions and the nonequilibrium structural evolution of LiFePO4
N Sharma, X Guo, G Du, Z Guo, J Wang, Z Wang, VK Peterson
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (18), 7867-7873, 2012
Neutron Diffraction and Neutron Vibrational Spectroscopy Studies of Hydrogen Adsorption in the Prussian Blue Analogue Cu3[Co(CN)6]2
MR Hartman, VK Peterson, Y Liu, SS Kaye, JR Long
Chemistry of materials 18 (14), 3221-3224, 2006
Local Vibrational Mechanism for Negative Thermal Expansion: A Combined Neutron Scattering and First‐Principles Study
VK Peterson, GJ Kearley, Y Wu, AJ Ramirez‐Cuesta, E Kemner, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (3), 585-588, 2010
Structure, atomistic simulations, and phase transition of stoichiometric yeelimite
A Cuesta, AG De la Torre, ER Losilla, VK Peterson, P Rejmak, A Ayuela, ...
Chemistry of Materials 25 (9), 1680-1687, 2013
Hydrogen adsorption in the metal–organic frameworks Fe 2 (dobdc) and Fe 2 (O 2)(dobdc)
WL Queen, ED Bloch, CM Brown, MR Hudson, JA Mason, LJ Murray, ...
Dalton Transactions 41 (14), 4180-4187, 2012
Hydration of tricalcium silicate: effects of CaCl2 and sucrose on reaction kinetics and product formation
VK Peterson, MCG Juenger
Chemistry of materials 18 (24), 5798-5804, 2006
Interplay between Electrochemistry and Phase Evolution of the P2-type Nax(Fe1/2Mn1/2)O2 Cathode for Use in Sodium-Ion Batteries
WK Pang, S Kalluri, VK Peterson, N Sharma, J Kimpton, B Johannessen, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (8), 3150-3158, 2015
Lithium migration in Li4Ti5O12 studied using in situ neutron powder diffraction
WK Pang, VK Peterson, N Sharma, JJ Shiu, S Wu
Chemistry of Materials 26 (7), 2318-2326, 2014
Crystal chemistry of the Pmnb polymorph of Li2MnSiO4
RJ Gummow, N Sharma, VK Peterson, Y He
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 188, 32-37, 2012
Hydration of tricalcium and dicalcium silicate mixtures studied using quasielastic neutron scattering
VK Peterson, DA Neumann, RA Livingston
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (30), 14449-14453, 2005
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