Vivi Anggraini
Vivi Anggraini
Lecturer, Monash University, Malaysia Campus
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Effects of coir fibers on tensile and compressive strength of lime treated soft soil
V Anggraini, A Asadi, BBK Huat, H Nahazanan
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Reinforcement benefits of nanomodified coir fiber in lime-treated marine clay
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Shear strength improvement of peat soil due to consolidation
V Anggraini
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2006
Stabilization of a soft marine clay using halloysite nanotubes: A multi-scale approach
E Emmanuel, CC Lau, V Anggraini, P Pasbakhsh
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Engineering properties of concrete with waste recycled plastic: a review
AJ Babafemi, B Šavija, SC Paul, V Anggraini
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E Emmanuel, V Anggraini, ME Raghunandan, A Asadi, A Bouazza
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V Anggraini, BBK Huat, A Asadi, H Nahazanan
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Effects of alkali-activated waste binder in soil stabilization
TT Teing, BBK Huat, SK Shukla, V Anggraini, H Nahazanan
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FA binti Kamaruddin, BBK Huat, V Anggraini, H Nahazanan
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Potential of coir fibres as soil reinforcement
V Anggraini
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A critical reappraisal of residual soils as compacted soil liners
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Interaction of landfill leachate with olivine-treated marine clay: Suitability for bottom liner application
E Emmanuel, V Anggraini, A Asadi, ME Raghunandan
Environmental Technology & Innovation 17, 100574, 2020
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