Rochim B Cahyono
Rochim B Cahyono
Lecturer and Researcher at Chemical Engineering Department, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
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Integrated coal-pyrolysis tar reforming using steelmaking slag for carbon composite and hydrogen production
RB Cahyono, AN Rozhan, N Yasuda, T Nomura, S Hosokai, Y Kashiwaya, ...
Fuel 109, 439-444, 2013
Catalytic coal-tar decomposition to enhance reactivity of low-grade iron ore
RB Cahyono, AN Rozhan, N Yasuda, T Nomura, S Hosokai, Y Kashiwaya, ...
Fuel processing technology 113, 84-89, 2013
Optimum temperatures for carbon deposition during integrated coal pyrolysis–tar decomposition over low-grade iron ore for ironmaking applications
RB Cahyono, N Yasuda, T Nomura, T Akiyama
Fuel processing technology 119, 272-277, 2014
Porous ore structure and deposited carbon type during integrated pyrolysis–tar decomposition
RB Cahyono, G Saito, N Yasuda, T Nomura, T Akiyama
Energy & fuels 28 (3), 2129-2134, 2014
Carbon deposition of biotar from pine sawdust by chemical vapor infiltration on steelmaking slag as a supplementary fuel in steelworks
AN Rozhan, RB Cahyono, N Yasuda, T Nomura, S Hosokai, T Akiyama
Energy & fuels 26 (6), 3196-3200, 2012
Effect of temperature and biomass-water ratio to yield and product characteristics of hydrothermal treatment of biomass
C Oktaviananda, RF Rahmawati, A Prasetya, CW Purnomo, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1823 (1), 020029, 2017
Carbon deposition using various solid fuels for ironmaking applications
RB Cahyono, AN Rozhan, N Yasuda, T Nomura, H Purwanto, T Akiyama
Energy & fuels 27 (5), 2687-2692, 2013
Carbon deposition from biotar by fast pyrolysis using the chemical vapor infiltration process within porous low-grade iron ore for iron-making
AN Rozhan, RB Cahyono, N Yasuda, T Nomura, S Hosokai, H Purwanto, ...
Energy & fuels 26 (12), 7340-7346, 2012
RB Cahyono, Z Mufrodi, A Hidayat, A Budiman
Anaerobic digestion of palm oil mill effluent with lampung natural zeolite as microbe immobilization medium and digested cow manure as starter
L Halim, M Mellyanawaty, RB Cahyono, H Sudibyo, W Budhijanto
AIP Conference Proceedings 1840 (1), 110003, 2017
Utilization of low grade iron ore (FeOOH) and biomass through integrated pyrolysis-tar decomposition (CVI Process) in ironmaking industry: Exergy analysis and its application
RB Cahyono, N Yasuda, T Nomura, T Akiyama
ISIJ International 55 (2), 428-435, 2015
Study of pyrolysis of ulin wood residues
M Aitia, RB Cahyono, A Budiman, TA Sutijan
AIP Conference Proceedings 50004 (2016), 2016
Pengaruh Kadar Air Umpan dan Rasio C/N pada Produksi Biogas dari Sampah Organik Pasar
SK Wirawan, W Budhijanto, RB Cahyono
Jurnal Rekayasa Proses 9 (1), 22-27, 0
Tar decomposition over a porous iron ore catalyst: experiment and kinetic analysis
RB Cahyono, M Hidayat, N Yasuda, T Nomura, T Akiyama
Energy & fuels 32 (6), 7046-7053, 2018
Karakteristik Bio-Briket Berbahan Baku Batu Bara dan Batang/Ampas Tebu terhadap Kualitas dan Laju Pembakaran
N Nurhalim, RB Cahyono, M Hidayat
Jurnal Rekayasa Proses 12 (1), 51-58, 2018
Effect of hydrochloric acid concentration on the conversion of sugarcane bagasse to levulinic acid
H Anggorowati, S Jamilatun, RB Cahyono, A Budiman
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 299 (1), 012092, 2018
Biomass Briquettes Using Indonesia Durian Seeds as Binder Agent: The Effect of Binder Concentration on The Briquettes Properties
RB Cahyono, J Santoso, R Miliati
Regional Conference of Chemical Engineering, 2016
Evaluation of inoculum source and saponification pre-treatment in anaerobic digestion of dissolved air flotation waste from dairy industry
RW Kurnianto, RB Cahyono, W Budhijanto
AIP Conference Proceedings 2085 (1), 020009, 2019
Synthesis of dry-mix of fly ash based geopolymer
R Fatikhin, RB Cahyono, HTBM Petrus, I Perdana
AIP Conference Proceedings 2085 (1), 020050, 2019
Performance of anaerobic reactor with media support and Ni addition for palm oil mill effluent treatment
S Bayonita, CW Purnomo, RB Cahyono
AIP Conference Proceedings 2085 (1), 020024, 2019
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