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Development of a Community-Based Marine Tourism Attraction in the Samboang Beach in Bulukumba Regency
S Syahrial, MZ Badollahi
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (2), 1-9, 2020
Strategy in Promotion E-Tourism Base: Study on Bantaeng Regional Government
H Amiruddin
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (1), 1-6, 2020
Gold and Bitcoin Price Dynamics as a Reflection of Investor Sentiment
N Sheludʹko, O Vasiurenko, V Lyashenko, N Morozova
Newinera, 2020
Financial feasibility analysis of chocolate spread with coconut ingredients as Agroindustrial product
DA Savitri, H Herlina, N Novijanto
Journal La Bisecoman 2 (2), 14-24, 2021
Human Resource Development: Overview of the Performance Evaluation and Performance Appraisal viewpoints
N Thuy, E Trinh
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (5), 15-19, 2020
Improved Performance and Effectiveness through the development of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
D Uraz, B Arhan
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (5), 20-26, 2020
Management Strategy of Small and Medium Enterprises during the Pandemic Covid-19
I Turaev, F Ganiev
Journal La Bisecoman 2 (1), 7-12, 2021
Application of Probit Analysis in the Decision of Youths to Participate in Vegetable Production
NA Etim, D Thompson
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (5), 1-7, 2020
Strengthening family resilience through financial management education in facing the covid-19 pandemic
S Megawati, MF Ma’ruf, EH Fanida, F Niswah, TA Oktariyanda
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (5), 8-14, 2020
The Impact of Leverage on Earnings Per Share: A Study of Selected Petroleum Companies in India
AM Abdulkareem, PD Meghanathi
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (2), 25-36, 2020
Control of Alcoholic Drinks Distribution in Supporting Tourism Business
FR Nuraini
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (4), 9-18, 2020
Developing Rural Tourism with the Participation of Related Parties in Bac Kan Province
NTH Trang, NTT Trang, NT Lam
Journal La Bisecoman 2 (1), 13-22, 2021
Entrepreneurship and Job Creation in Jordan: Challenges and Prospects for Start-ups
MMH Alharbi
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (3), 1-10, 2020
Setting Strategic Priorities of Floss Marketing Mix in SME “Raja Abon Makmur Lestari”, Pangkalpinang
Y Yulia, NI Bahtera, R Purwasih
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (6), 13-22, 2020
Effect of agricultural financing on the performance of agricultural sector in Nigeria
IF Obioma, JC Ihemeje, CI Ogbonna, CO Amadi
Journal La Bisecoman 2 (2), 1-13, 2021
Conventional and current way of interpretation and cost forecasting
S ripon Nazmul, R Sanjoy
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (6), 30-33, 2020
Good Financial Planning Considering the Exchange Rate Fluctuation
C Alisbha, IA Intishar
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (6), 34-38, 2020
Government Regulations, Interpreneurial Orientation and Stakeholder Network Capability in Achieving Organizational Performance
R Mulda
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (4), 1-8, 2020
Capability of Dynamic Governance Aspects of Thinking cross: Case in Studies Building and Environmental Planning in Strategic Areas
M Rachman, M Marsuq
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (02), 20-24, 2020
Clothing Sales Promotion Activities: Social Media Marketing Aspects
P Tedsungnon
Journal La Bisecoman 1 (2), 15-19, 2020
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