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Tri Yudani Mardining Raras
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Antibody protein hemagglutinin subunit pili with mw 49, 8 kda shigella dysenteriae can inhibit shigella dysenteriae adhesion on mice enterocyte
W Agustina, LE Fitri, T Yudani, B Siswanto, RP Sumarno
IOSR Journal of Pharmacy 2 (5), 13-20, 2012
Anti-biofilm activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from kefir against multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae.
TYM Raras, AF Firdausy, IR Kinanti, N Noorhamdani
Journal of Pure & Applied Microbiology 13 (2), 2019
Cloning and expression of pab gene of M. tuberculosis isolated from pulmonary TB patient in E. coli DH5α
TYM Raras, D Lyrawati
Medical Journal of Indonesia 20 (4), 247-54, 2011
Salivary sIg-A response against the recombinant Ag38 antigen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Indonesian strain
TYM Raras, G Sholeh, D Lyrawati
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine 7 (1), 129, 2014
Soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor levels in tuberculosis patients at high risk for multidrug resistance
TY Mardining Raras, T Astuti, I Noor Chozin
Tuberculosis research and treatment 2012 (1), 240132, 2012
The Soluble Plasminogen Activator Receptor as a Biomarker on Monitoring the Therapy Progress of Pulmonary TB‐AFB(+) Patients
TY Mardining Raras, I Noor Chozin
Tuberculosis research and treatment 2010 (1), 406346, 2010
Kefir stimulates anti-inflammatory response in TB-AFB (+) patients
TYM Raras, H Rusmini, DD Wisudanti, IN Chozin
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 14 (6), 330, 2015
Redesigning primer of ITS2 (internal transcribed spacer 2) for specific molecular characterization of malaria vectors Anopheles species
K Senjarini, MK Abdullah, N Azizah, MA Septianasari, A Tosin, ...
Medical Archives 75 (6), 418, 2021
Probiotics Lactobacillus reuteri increase levels of β-Defensin1, sIgA and decrease number of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria colonies in vaginal mucosa on puerperal mice model …
NA Nur Azizah, UQ Umu Qonitun, TYMR Tri Yudani Mardining Raras, ...
Jurnal Kebidanan 9 (1), 71-80, 2020
Prolonged-heated high-fat diet increase the serum LDL cholesterol level and induce the early atherosclerotic plaque development in Wistar rats.
V Yurina, EP Yunita, TYM Raras, A Rudijanto, K Handono
Journal of Tropical Life Science 9 (1), 2019
Dataset 1 in: Evaluation of immunologic response of salivary sIg-A in pediatric tuberculosis patients to antigen Ag38-rec of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Indonesian strain …
TYM Raras, DE Pritta Santi, HC Kusuma
Data Source, 0
Design and construction of DNA vaccine expressing lectin-like oxidize-LDL receptor-1 (LOX-1) as atherosclerosis vaccine candidate
V Yurina, T Yudani, M Raras
J Biotech Res 1, 103-112, 2017
Multi epitopes potential on surface sars-cov-2 protein as a covid-19 vaccine candidate
K Anam, B Prabowo, MT Kusuma, S Winarsih, TYM Raras, SR Prawiro
Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology 15 (4), 1437-1442, 2022
High doses of kefir accelerate lung-injury progression in bleomycin-induced pneumonitis in rats
TYM Raras, N Hidayati, SO Wardhani
Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products 16 (3), 2021
Generating responses immune in cellular and humoral treatment with epitope spike, epitope envelope protein, and epitope membrane protein SARS-COV-2, honey, Saussurea lappa, and …
SR Prawiro, MT Kusuma, R Amiruddin, IN Sukmawati, Y Kusnaningrum, ...
African Journal of Infectious Diseases 15 (2), 23-30, 2021
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Modulates Vasodilator Enzyme Level by Repairing Angiogenesis Function in Rat Model of Preeclampsia
Y Silvani, AND Lovita, A Maharani, IWA Wiyasa, H Sujuti, R Ratnawati, ...
Journal of Family & Reproductive Health 14 (1), 38, 2020
Immunosuppressive activity of goat kefir in a rat model with bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis
TP Griana, TYM Raras, K Mintaroem, IN Chozin, CS Wilujeng
Pharmacognosy Journal 12 (6s), 2020
Secondary metabolite of Aspergillus oryzae impairs cell envelope integrity Klebsiella pneumoniae producing extended-spectrum beta-lactamase
LN Rachma, LE Fitri, SR Prawiro, TYM Raras
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 13 (6), 137-145, 2023
The effect of soy milk on estrogen receptor alpha expression in medial preoptic area (MPOA) and in spermatogonia, testosterone levels, and androgen receptors expression in male …
N Nurdiana, MP Chania, RD Nurvitasari, A Nisa, SW Diana, EI Rochmah, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 2634 (1), 2023
Aspergillus oryzae attenuates quorum sensing -associated virulence factors and biofilm formation in Klebsiella pneumoniae extended-spectrum beta …
LN Rachma, LE Fitri, SR Prawiro, TY Mardining Raras
F1000Research 11, 1148, 2022
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