Valerie WC Soo
Valerie WC Soo
MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences
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Artificial gene amplification reveals an abundance of promiscuous resistance determinants in Escherichia coli
VWC Soo, P Hanson-Manful, WM Patrick
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (4), 1484-1489, 2011
Reversing methanogenesis to capture methane for liquid biofuel precursors
VWC Soo, MJ McAnulty, A Tripathi, F Zhu, L Zhang, E Hatzakis, PB Smith, ...
Microbial cell factories 15 (1), 1-14, 2016
Antitoxin MqsA represses curli formation through the master biofilm regulator CsgD
VWC Soo, TK Wood
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-7, 2013
Toxin GhoT of the GhoT/GhoS toxin/antitoxin system damages the cell membrane to reduce adenosine triphosphate and to reduce growth under stress
HY Cheng, VWC Soo, S Islam, MJ McAnulty, MJ Benedik, TK Wood
Environmental microbiology 16 (6), 1741-1754, 2014
Repurposing of anticancer drugs for the treatment of bacterial infections
V WC Soo, BW Kwan, H Quezada, I Castillo-Juárez, B Pérez-Eretza, ...
Current topics in medicinal chemistry 17 (10), 1157-1176, 2017
An oxygen-sensitive toxin–antitoxin system
O Marimon, JMC Teixeira, TN Cordeiro, VWC Soo, TL Wood, M Mayzel, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-10, 2016
Metabolic engineering of Methanosarcina acetivorans for lactate production from methane
MJ McAnulty, VG Poosarla, J Li, VWC Soo, F Zhu, TK Wood
Biotechnology and bioengineering 114 (4), 852-861, 2017
Polyphosphate, cyclic AMP, guanosine tetraphosphate, and c-di-GMP reduce in vitro Lon activity
DO Osbourne, VWC Soo, I Konieczny, TK Wood
Bioengineered 5 (4), 264-268, 2014
Mechanistic and Evolutionary Insights from the Reciprocal Promiscuity of Two Pyridoxal Phosphate-Dependent Enzymes
VWC Soo, Y Yosaatmadja, CJ Squire, WM Patrick
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291, jbc. M116. 739557, 2016
McbR/YncC: implications for the mechanism of ligand and DNA binding by a bacterial GntR transcriptional regulator involved in biofilm formation
DM Lord, A Uzgoren Baran, VWC Soo, TK Wood, W Peti, R Page
Biochemistry 53 (46), 7223-7231, 2014
De novo synthesis of a bacterial toxin/antitoxin system
VWC Soo, HY Cheng, BW Kwan, TK Wood
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-9, 2014
Polyphosphate, cyclic AMP, guanosine tetraphosphate, and c-di-GMP reduce in vitro Lon activity. Bioengineered 5: 264–268
DO Osbourne, VW Soo, I Konieczny, TK Wood
Slaying the last unicorn: discovery of histones in the microalga Nanochlorum eucaryotum
VWC Soo, T Warnecke
Royal Society open science 8 (2), 202023, 2021
Fitness landscape of a dynamic RNA structure
VWC Soo, JB Swadling, AJ Faure, T Warnecke
PLoS genetics 17 (2), e1009353, 2021
Effects of an RNA chaperone on mutation tolerance
V Soo, T Warnecke
Access Microbiology 1 (1A), 529, 2019
Enzyme promiscuity and the origins of cellular innovations
Massey University, New Zealand., 2012
The (many) molecular routes to antibiotic resistance: YSF-111 (oral presentation)
V Soo, W Patrick
The Febs Journal 277, 2010
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