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Highly efficient diglycolamide‐based task‐specific ionic liquids: synthesis, unusual extraction behaviour, irradiation, and fluorescence studies
PK Mohapatra, A Sengupta, M Iqbal, J Huskens, W Verboom
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (9), 3230-3238, 2013
Diglycolamide-functionalized calix [4] arenes showing unusual complexation of actinide ions in room temperature ionic liquids: role of ligand structure, radiolytic stability …
PK Mohapatra, A Sengupta, M Iqbal, J Huskens, W Verboom
Inorganic chemistry 52 (5), 2533-2541, 2013
A highly efficient solvent system containing functionalized diglycolamides and an ionic liquid for americium recovery from radioactive wastes
A Sengupta, PK Mohapatra, M Iqbal, J Huskens, W Verboom
Dalton transactions 41 (23), 6970-6979, 2012
Extraction of Am (III) using novel solvent systems containing a tripodal diglycolamide ligand in room temperature ionic liquids: a ‘green’approach for radioactive waste processing
A Sengupta, PK Mohapatra, M Iqbal, W Verboom, J Huskens, SV Godbole
RSC advances 2 (19), 7492-7500, 2012
Ditopic CMPO-pillar [5] arenes as unique receptors for efficient separation of americium (III) and europium (III)
Y Fang, X Yuan, L Wu, Z Peng, W Feng, N Liu, D Xu, S Li, A Sengupta, ...
Chemical Communications 51 (20), 4263-4266, 2015
Prediction of permeate flux during electric field enhanced cross-flow ultrafiltration—a neural network approach
B Sarkar, A Sengupta, S De, S DasGupta
Separation and purification technology 65 (3), 260-268, 2009
Biosorption-a green method for the preconcentration of rare earth elements (REEs) from waste solutions: A review
NK Gupta, A Gupta, P Ramteke, H Sahoo, A Sengupta
Journal of Molecular Liquids 274, 148-164, 2019
Actinide partitioning with a modified TODGA solvent: counter-current extraction studies with simulated high level waste
RB Gujar, SA Ansari, DR Prabhu, PN Pathak, A Sengupta, SK Thulasidas, ...
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 30 (2), 156-170, 2012
Demonstration of T2EHDGA based process for actinide partitioning part II: counter-current extraction studies
RB Gujar, SA Ansari, DR Prabhu, DR Raut, PN Pathak, A Sengupta, ...
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 28 (6), 764-777, 2010
Zwitterion augmented polyamide membrane for improved forward osmosis performance with significant antifouling characteristics
YH Chiao, A Sengupta, ST Chen, SH Huang, CC Hu, WS Hung, Y Chang, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 212, 316-325, 2019
Graphene-induced tuning of the d-spacing of graphene oxide composite nanofiltration membranes for frictionless capillary action-induced enhancement of water permeability
WS Hung, TJ Lin, YH Chiao, A Sengupta, YC Hsiao, SR Wickramasinghe, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (40), 19445-19454, 2018
A diglycolamide-functionalized task specific ionic liquid (TSIL) for actinide extraction: solvent extraction, thermodynamics and radiolytic stability studies
A Sengupta, PK Mohapatra, M Iqbal, J Huskens, W Verboom
Separation and purification technology 118, 264-270, 2013
Biosorption-an alternative method for nuclear waste management: a critical review
NK Gupta, A Sengupta, A Gupta, JR Sonawane, H Sahoo
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 6 (2), 2159-2175, 2018
Extraction of uranyl ion from nitric acid medium using solvent containing TOPO and its mixture with D2EHPA in room temperature ionic liquids
PK Mohapatra, DR Raut, A Sengupta
Separation and Purification Technology 133, 69-75, 2014
Unique selectivity reversal in Am 3+–Eu 3+ extraction in a tripodal TREN-based diglycolamide in ionic liquid: extraction, luminescence, complexation and structural studies
A Leoncini, PK Mohapatra, A Bhattacharyya, DR Raut, A Sengupta, ...
Dalton transactions 45 (6), 2476-2484, 2016
An amide functionalized task specific carbon nanotube for the sorption of tetra and hexa valent actinides: experimental and theoretical insight
A Sengupta, J Sk, A Boda, SM Ali
RSC advances 6 (46), 39553-39562, 2016
Remarkable acidity independent actinide extraction with a both-side diglycolamide-functionalized calix [4] arene
PK Mohapatra, A Sengupta, M Iqbal, J Huskens, SV Godbole, W Verboom
Dalton transactions 42 (24), 8558-8562, 2013
Pi electron cloud mediated separation of aromatics using supported ionic liquid (SIL) membrane having antibacterial activity
M Jebur, A Sengupta, YH Chiao, M Kamaz, X Qian, R Wickramasinghe
Journal of Membrane Science 556, 1-11, 2018
MWCNTs based sorbents for nuclear waste management: A review
A Sengupta, NK Gupta
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5 (5), 5099-5114, 2017
Extraction of radiostrontium from nuclear waste solution using crown ethers in room temperature ionic liquids
A Sengupta, PK Mohapatra
Supramolecular Chemistry 24 (11), 771-778, 2012
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