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Unsteady boundary layer magnetohydrodynamics in micropolar fluid past a sphere
B Widodo, I Anggriani, DA Khalimah, FDS Zainal, C Imron
Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences 100 (2), 291-299, 2016
Numerical simulation of fluid flow around circular and I-shape cylinder in a tandem configuration
C Imron, B Widodo, T Yuwono
Applied Mathematical Sciences 7 (114), 5657-5666, 2013
The effect of Prandtl number and magnetic parameter on forced convection unsteady magnetohydrodynamics boundary layer flow of a viscous fluid past a sphere
B Widodo, DA Khalimah, FDS Zainal, C Imron
International Conference on Science and Innovative Engineering (ICSIE), 2015
Viscoelastic fluid flow pass a porous circular cylinder when the magnetic field included
B Widodo, C Imron, N Asiyah, GO Siswono, T Rahayuningsih
Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences 99 (2), 173-186, 2016
Model predictive control on dual axis solar tracker using Matlab/Simulink simulation
M Ikhwan, C Imron
2018 International Conference on Information and Communications Technology …, 2018
Unsteady nano fluid flow through magnetic porous sphere under the influence of mixed convection
B Widodo, M Abu, C Imron
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1153 (1), 012053, 2019
Magnetohydrodynamics of unsteady viscous fluid on boundary layer past a sliced sphere
R Nursalim, B Widodo, C Imron
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 893 (1), 012044, 2017
Design and implementation of battery charging system on solar tracker based stand alone PV using fuzzy modified particle swarm optimization.
I Abadi, C Imron, MM Bachrowi, DN Fitriyanah
AIMS Energy 8 (1), 2020
The Characterization Of Boundary Layer Flow in The Magnetohydrodynamic Micropolar Fluid Past A Solid Sphere
B Widodo, I Anggriani, C Imron
International Journal of Advances in Science Engineering and Technology …, 2016
Critical set of caterpillar graph for secret sharing scheme
C Imron, B Setiyono, R Simanjuntak, ET Baskoro
Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing 65, 121, 2008
Mathematical Modeling of Drag Coefficient Reduction in Circular Cylinder Using Two Passive Controls at Re = 1000
C Imron, L Mardianto, B Widodo, TY Yuwono
Mathematical and Computational Applications 23 (1), 2, 2018
Removing non-smoothness in solving Black-Scholes equation using a perturbation method
ERM Putri, L Mardianto, A Hakam, C Imron, H Susanto
Physics Letters A 402, 127367, 2021
The effect of heat generation on mixed convection flow in nano fluids over a horizontal circular cylinder
B Juliyanto, B Widodo, C Imron
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1008 (1), 012001, 2018
The Influence of distance between passive control and circular cylinder on wake
B Widodo, TY Yuwono, C Imron
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 890 (1), 012053, 2017
Aliran Fluida Magnetohidrodinamik Viskoelatis Tersuspensi yang Melewati Pelat Datar
R Sahaya, B Widodo, C Imron
Jurnal Sains dan Seni ITS 5 (2), 2016
Magic Graph on Cycle
C Imron, AS Bandung
The First International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics, UNISBA …, 2006
Several Ways to Obtain Edge-Magic Total Labelings of Caterpillars
C Imron
International Workshop on Graph Labeling, Batu, Malang, 6-9, 2004
Stability and persistence analysis on the epidemic model multiregion multi-patches
C Imron, Hariyanto, M Yunus, SD Surjanto, NAC Dewi
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1218 (1), 012035, 2019
The effectiveness of passive control to reduce the drag coefficient
C Imron, B Widodo, TY Yuwono
Journal of physics: Conference series 890 (1), 012044, 2017
Viscoelastic fluid flow with the presence of magnetic field past a porous circular cylinder
B Widodo, GO Siswono, C Imron
Proceedings of 5th ISERD International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 2015
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