Ika Hesti Agustin
Ika Hesti Agustin
Lecturer in Mathematics at Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of Jember
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Local Edge Antimagic Coloring of Comb Product of Graphs
IH Agustin, M Hasan, R Alfarisi, AI Kristiana, RM Prihandini
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Dafik (2014)
IH Agustin
On the domination number of some families of special graphs. prosiding …, 0
On r-dynamic coloring of some graph operations
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A generalized shackle of any graph H admits a super H-antimagic total labeling
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Penerapan Teori Dominating Set dalam Instalasi Client Hub untuk Jaringan Intranet di Universitas Jember
IH Agustin
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On super H− antimagicness of an edge comb product of graphs with subgraph as a terminal of its amalgamation
IH Agustin, AI Nurvitaningrum, RM Prihandini
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On r-dynamic Chromatic Number of the corronation of path and several graphs
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Several classes of graphs and their r-dynamic chromatic numbers
D Dafik, DEW Meganingtyas, KD Purnomo, MD Tarmidzi, IH Agustin
Bound of Distance Domination Number of Graph and Edge Comb Product Graph IOP Conf
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Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 855, 012-014, 2016
Dafik. 2014
AT Harsya, IH Agustin
Bilangan Kromatik pada Pengoperasian Graf Lintasan dan Graf Lingkaran …, 0
On the total H-irregularity strength of graphs: A new notion
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Bound of distance domination number of graph and edge comb product graph
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H-Antimagic Total Covering pada Graf Semi Windmill
SC Wuni, IH Agustin, S Dafik
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P2▹ H-super antimagic total labeling of comb product of graphs
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On the Locating Edge Domination Number of Comb Product of Graphs
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On the local edge antimagicness of m-splitting graphs
ER Albirri, IH Agustin, R Alfarisi
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On locating independent domination number of amalgamation graphs
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On the local metric dimension of line graph of special graph
M Marsidi, D Dafik, IH Agustin, R Alfarisi
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Non-Isolated Resolving Number of Graph with Pendant Edges
R Alfarisi, Dafik, AI Kristiana, IH Agustin
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Local antimagic r-dynamic coloring of graphs
AI Kristiana, MI Utoyo, IH Agustin, R Alfarisi
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 243 (1), 012077, 2019
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