Khalina Abdan, A Khalina, Khalina A
Khalina Abdan, A Khalina, Khalina A
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Mechanical properties of hybrid kenaf/glass reinforced epoxy composite for passenger car bumper beam
MM Davoodi, SM Sapuan, D Ahmad, A Ali, A Khalina, M Jonoobi
Materials & Design 31 (10), 4927-4932, 2010
A review on pineapple leaves fibre and its composites
M Asim, K Abdan, M Jawaid, M Nasir, Z Dashtizadeh, MR Ishak, ...
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Influence of fiber content on the mechanical and thermal properties of Kenaf fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane composites
YA El-Shekeil, SM Sapuan, K Abdan, ES Zainudin
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Modeling the thin‐layer drying of fruits and vegetables: A review
DI Onwude, N Hashim, RB Janius, NM Nawi, K Abdan
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Kenaf fibres as reinforcement for polymeric composites: a review
IS Aji, SM Sapuan, ES Zainudin, K Abdan
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Effect of alkali and silane treatments on mechanical and fibre-matrix bond strength of kenaf and pineapple leaf fibres
M Asim, M Jawaid, K Abdan, MR Ishak
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Concept selection of car bumper beam with developed hybrid bio-composite material
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Potential of bioenergy production from industrial kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) based on Malaysian perspective
N Saba, M Jawaid, KR Hakeem, MT Paridah, A Khalina, OY Alothman
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Dynamic mechanical properties of oil palm nano filler/kenaf/epoxy hybrid nanocomposites
N Saba, MT Paridah, K Abdan, NA Ibrahim
Construction and Building Materials 124, 133-138, 2016
Mechanical and physical properties of kenaf-derived cellulose (KDC)-filled polylactic acid (PLA) composites
ISMA Tawakkal, RA Talib, K Abdan, CN Ling
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Effect of oil palm nano filler on mechanical and morphological properties of kenaf reinforced epoxy composites
N Saba, MT Paridah, K Abdan, NA Ibrahim
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The effect of processing parameters on the mechanical properties of kenaf fibre plastic composite
M Bernard, A Khalina, A Ali, R Janius, M Faizal, KS Hasnah, AB Sanuddin
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Effect of alkali treatment on mechanical and thermal properties of Kenaf fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane composite
YA El-Shekeil, SM Sapuan, A Khalina, ES Zainudin, OM Al-Shuja'a
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Thermal properties of treated sugar palm yarn/glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester hybrid composites
NM Nurazzi, A Khalina, SM Sapuan, RA Ilyas, SA Rafiqah, ZM Hanafee
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 9 (2), 1606-1618, 2020
Shrinkages and warpage in the processability of wood-filled polypropylene composite thin-walled parts formed by injection molding
MD Azaman, SM Sapuan, S Sulaiman, ES Zainudin, A Khalina
Materials & Design (1980-2015) 52, 1018-1026, 2013
Effect of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) on impact property improvement of hybrid kenaf/glass epoxy composite
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Extraction and characterization of cellulose from durian rind
P Penjumras, RBA Rahman, RA Talib, K Abdan
Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 2, 237-243, 2014
Poly (lactic acid)(PLA)-reinforced kenaf bast fiber composites: the effect of triacetin
NA Ibrahim, WMZW Yunus, M Othman, K Abdan, KA Hadithon
Journal of reinforced plastics and composites 29 (7), 1099-1111, 2010
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