Arinal Haq Izzawati Nurrahma
Arinal Haq Izzawati Nurrahma
Nama lainnyaAHI Nurrahma, Arinal HI Nurrahma
Research Center for Food Crops, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)
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The Influence of Fertilizer Type and Decomposer on Organic Rice Growth and Yield
AHI Nurrahma, M Melati
J. Agrohorti 1 (1), 1, 2012
Scientific Research Trends of Flooding Stress in Plant Science and Agriculture Subject Areas (1962-2021)
AHI Nurrahma, HH Putri, RM Syahadat
ASEAN Journal of Science and Engineering 3 (2), 163-178, 2023
Rice husk biochar effects on improving soil properties and root development in rice (Oryza glaberrima Steud.) exposed to drought stress during early reproductive stage
K Kartika, JI Sakagami, B Lakitan, S Yabuta, I Akagi, LI Widuri, E Siaga, ...
AIMS Agriculture and Food 6 (2), 737-751, 2021
Plant Adaptations to Anaerobic Stress Caused by Flooding
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Rice Root Distribution of Four Rice Varieties to Different Depth of Submergence
AHI Nurrahma, A Junaedi, H Purnamawati, JI Sakagami
AGRIVITA Journal of Agricultural Science 39 (2), 119-127, 2017
Characterizing the photosynthetic ability of the submergence-tolerant rice variety of Inpari30 via maximum quantum yield performance during transient flooding stress and recovery
AHI Nurrahma, S Yabuta, A Junaedi, JI Sakagami
Australian Journal of Crop Science 15 (01), 107-113, 2021
A Bibliometric Analysis of Seed Priming: Global Research Advances
AHI Nurrahma, L Nuraini, HH Putri, RM Syahadat
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Analysis of Non-Structural Carbohydrate in Relation with Shoot Elongation of Rice under Complete Submergence
AHI Nurrahma, S Yabuta, A Junaedi, JI Sakagami
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Different survival strategies involve carbon translocation rather than de novo C assimilation under complete submergence in rice plant
AHI Nurrahma, Shin Yabuta, Ahmad Junaedi, Jun-Ichi Sakagami
Photosynthesis Research 154, 183–193, 2022
Nitrogen Fertilizers and Plant Spacing in Organic Rice Cultivation: A Review
E Erythrina, GR Pratiwi, N Agustiani, AHI Nurrahma
Journal of Applied Agricultural Science and Technology 7 (3), 314-328, 2023
Rice Tolerance to Flooding Stress on Germination Stage and Early Seedling Growth under 5 cm Water Depth
AHI Nurrahma, A Junaedi, H Purnamawati
AGRO SINTESA Jurnal Ilmu Budidaya Pertanian 2 (1), 40-47, 2019
Emerging diseases: trend research and omics-based analysis reveals mechanisms of endophytes modulate Chilli plant resilience
W Harsonowati, E Latifah, AHI Nurrahma, J Purwani, R Iqbal, JA Parray, ...
Symbiosis, 1-14, 2024
Plant hormone regulation between Sub1A and non-Sub1A rice genotype during temporary submergence
AHI Nurrahma, K Goto, S Yabuta, A Junaedi, M Kojima, Y Takebayashi, ...
Abstracts of Meeting of the CSSJ The 251st Meeting of CSSJ, 102-102, 2021
Strategies of Transient Submergence Tolerance Cope with Translocation of Photosynthetic Products in Rice Plant
AHI Nurrahma
Kagoshima University, 2021
Starch and Sugar as Source of Reserved Carbohydrates on Rice with Different Mechanism toward Submergence
AHI Nurrahma, S Yabuta, JI Sakagami
Abstracts of Meeting of the CSSJ The 249th Meeting of CSSJ, 102-102, 2020
籔田 伸, 中尾 祥宏, Arinal H.I. Nurrahma坂上 潤一
第247回日本作物学会講演会, 71, 2019
Photosynthetic Rates of Rice with Contrast Mechanism during Complete Submergence Followed by Reaeration condition
AHI Nurrahma, S Yabuta, A Junaedi, JI Sakagami
日本作物学会講演会要旨集 第 247 回日本作物学会講演会, 30, 2019
坂上潤一, 小森健太, 中尾祥宏, 長田泰二郎, 籔田伸
日本作物学会講演会要旨集 第 247 回日本作物学会講演会, 29, 2019
Morpho-physiological Response of Flooding Stress at Different Growth Stages of Common Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum)
JY Choi, AHI Nurrahma, Y Iwata, Y Nakao, S Yabuta, SK Roy, SJ Kwon, ...
日本作物学会講演会要旨集 第 247 回日本作物学会講演会, 52, 2019
Adaptation of Rice Varieties (Oryza sativa L.) to Submergence Stress
AHI Nurrahma
IPB (Bogor Agricultural University), 2016
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